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Boardwalk Empire Episode 4 Recap: The Commodore Falls and Nucky is Back in Charge


Last week in Episode 3 of Boardwalk Empire, Nucky proclaimed that The Commodore and Jimmy were on borrowed time. To put it in exact words, Nucky said "I will ruin all of you." Even though Jimmy got up in his face and wanted to knock his head off you can sense that Jimmy still has love for his "other father." Remember he said, "which one?" in response to Angie's question about how dinner went with his father.

The tables are set for a looming showdown between Nucky and The Commodore in episode 4 "What Does the Bee Do?"

The Commodore Suffers a Stroke...Putting His Operation in PerilBoardwalk Empire photo: www.hollywood.com

Jimmy's mother Gillian Darmody was showing it all off in the beginning for The Commodore  when he suffers a severe stroke, which paralyzed one side of his body. The King is rendered a "vegetable" as Eli put it. Now, the whole operation is on life support. 

At the end of the episode, Gillian asks Louis (The Commodore) if he remembers raping her when she was much younger. He can no longer speak and tries to say he's sorry, but she repeatedly slaps the living daylights out of him. Not only was this a tear-jerker moment, but gripping. Gretchen Mol played this scene perfectly.

Nucky's Case Goes Federal...Now All Bets are Off

While Nucky and his cronies are celebrating Mayor Bader's birthday, Nucky's lawyer comes up with a brilliant idea. Since they're technically transporting hookers over state lines, this will now become a federal case. And, then his Senator buddy will then be able to intervene and get the case kaibashed.  When he explains the good news to Margaret she isn't so understanding, but he reassures her he wasn't "with" any of these women - so he says.

Jimmy and Company Meet With a Butcher

With The Commodore's reign as leader in Atlantic City abruptly ended by his stroke, Jimmy and his crew have to move and move fast. Nucky is back in control and they head to Philly to meet with a Jewish butcher. Looks like they have a deal as the butcher will do business with them. The kicker is they need the loot up front.

Added to that, Rothstein brokers a deal with Nucky in that he will provide Nucky with a safe haven to bring in his booze, but Waxy Gordon will get a 20 percent cut. Nucky reluctantly obliges, but knows that this is a far better option then bringing it on shore in Northern Jersey. The City of Philadelphia is going to become quite a hotspot with both sides looking to make moves within city boundaries.

Line of the Week Goes to Nelson Van Alden

Last week the line of the week went to Mob Moss Masseria who said to Lucky "what are you doing with those Christ Killers?" This week it goes to Van Alden. Nelson Van Alden gets a rude awakening when he sees one of his collegues doesn't have much respect for him. He accosts his men and said someone scribbled "Nelson Van asshole" in the bathroom. This was a total LOL moment.

Starting this week I'm going to rate each episode on my scotch meter. Being that I'm a scotch connoisseur and Boardwalk is about booze, I will assign the following ratings. Face it any scotch is good scotch so even my 5th rated scotch aint too shabby.  Thus, there isn't necessarily a "bad" episode of Boardwalk Empire, but some are better than others. Now, here are the ratings:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

I rate Episode 4 a Glenmorangie. Between the downfall involving The Commodore, the touching scene involving Richard Harrow, and the gut-wrenching scene involving Jimmy's mother, this was a very strong episode.

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