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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Reckoning"


In last week’s episode, The Reckoning, Klaus was up to his old tricks and everyone else was along for the ride.Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.
Ticking clock: Now fully aware that Elena did not die during the ritual, Klaus tracked her down at school and used her to find out if Stefan was truly on his side.

When Stefan proved he still loved Elena, Klaus set a clock to 20 minutes and compelled Stefan into drinking Elena’s blood once the clock hit zero. Elena pleaded with Stefan to fight against the compulsion and it seemed to work for a while. Unfortunately, Klaus used his compulsion once more and forced Stefan to turn off his emotions.

Elena watched helplessly as the man she loves was forced to give up his last shred of humanity and she had to accept that the Stefan she knew could really be gone for good. (I am disappointed that the show took the easy way out by having Stefan ‘flip the switch’, as it means he is no longer responsible for his actions and can now be considered the ‘bad’ brother, while Damon gets to be the ‘hero’.)

Reckless and stupid: Once again, Bonnie was reduced to the role of side-kick -- this time, to Matt. Matt’s sister Vicki was trying to contact him from the other side and when Matt realized she was reaching out, he decided to meet her half-way. Matt called Bonnie moments before attempting to drown himself, hoping that when Bonnie brought him back via CPR, Matt would be able to talk to Vicki the way Jeremy can. Matt’s plan worked and before he was resuscitated, Matt did see his sister and she gave him a message for Bonnie.

Once the dust settled, Matt prepared to say goodbye to Vicki but he wound up seeing her all over again, this time while he was completely alert and awake. If I were a betting woman, I would guess that Bonnie’s spell to bring Jeremy back to life created a tear between the worlds of the living and the dead that allows for our characters to interact with those they have lost. If this is the case, which former Mystic Falls resident we will see next?Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

A new hybrid is born: Klaus decided that, with the right motivation, Bonnie might be able to find a way to keep his hybrids alive after their transition, so he fed Tyler his blood to start the transformation process and told Bonnie that Tyler would die if she did not find a way to save the hybrids.

Thanks to Matt, Vicki gave Bonnie a message from the Original witch that said the only way to save the hybrids was to kill the doppelganger. Klaus realized it was a fail-safe and the Original witch wanted him to kill Elena so he would not discover that her blood is the key to the transition. Fortunately, Klaus was right and when he fed Tyler some of Elena’s blood, Tyler became Klaus’ first success and the only other vampire-werewolf hybrid in existence.

One step ahead: Katherine told Damon that she took Elena’s magic necklace as leverage but that it was not the only thing she gained from her conversation with Bonnie. Katherine also learned that Jeremy can talk to dead people, or more specifically, to Anna. Katherine kidnapped Jeremy because she believed Anna had information on Michael, the vampire who had been hunting Klaus and Rebekah back in the 20s. Katherine and Damon threatened Jeremy in order to get Anna to give them the information they needed but Damon split before they could follow through on it. Then Katherine, with Jeremy in tow, found Michael and began to do the one thing Anna warned her not to -- awaken him.

Klaus is on the run again: Klaus intended to leave Mystic Falls with Elena and new hybrid Tyler, but when Damon told Klaus about Katherine’s plan to wake Michael, Klaus fled for his life. He did, however, leave an emotionless Stefan behind with orders to watch over Elena in his absence. And it looks like Klaus left Rebekah behind as well, making one wonder what kind of trouble she and Stefan will get up to now that they are no longer following Klaus’ lead.


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