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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"


In last week’s episode, Smells Like Teen Spirit, our gang attended the first day of their senior year and the complications continued.
Elena the Vampire Slayer:
After a year (the amount of time that has passed for our characters since the pilot) of being hunted by every vampire on the planet, Elena finally decided that she should learn how to defend herself. Alaric began training Elena in the different methods one can use to kill, or at leastVampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW. incapacitate, a vampire.

Elena took those lessons to heart and also began weight-lifting and running track in an attempt to increase her strength.

We may never know if Alaric is a good history teacher (because that would require actual learning to take place on school grounds) but his Vampire 101 classes should come in handy for any young woman who needs to stab the creepy, undead ex-boyfriend who spent the entire episode stalking her and acting like a jerk. Just ask Elena.

No such thing as the ‘good’ brother anymore:
Stefan, still void of emotion after ‘flipping the switch’ in last week’s episode, shed his good brother status once and for all. At the start of the episode, Stefan was caught feeding on some unsuspecting women in a scene reminiscent of something we would have expected from season 1 Damon. Stefan then showed up at school to ‘protect’ (aka stalk) Elena, per Klaus’ orders. Stefan followed Elena everywhere she went, taking any chance he got to torment her about their former relationship and her naivety in believing that there was still any good left in him.

However, despite all his protests that he no longer cares for Elena, Stefan was quick to come to her rescue when the time came and there was no denying the spark that still exists between them.

Matt’s mishap:
Matt was still seeing visions of ghost Vicki and both siblings admitted to missing each other. Luckily, Vicki had a way for them to be together again, courtesy of a little magic from Vicki’s new witchy friend on the other side. Matt performed the ritual Vicki taught him, but he did not know that it came with a condition: If Vicki wanted to stay in the real world, she had to kill the doppelganger. Thanks to the combined efforts of Matt and Bonnie, Elena was saved in the nick of time and Vicki was sent back to the other side.

Unfortunately, the addition of Bonnie’s spell to the ritual Matt performed caused an unwelcome side-effect and other ghosts returned to the real world, including a very unhappy Mason Lockwood. Hopefully, Bonnie will find a reversal spell before these ghosts can do too much damage. Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

Tyler was acting like his old, unattractive self:
Tyler’s behavior was a concern for his friends throughout the episode, until Damon realized that Tyler had been ‘sired’. Though it is rare, sometimes a supernatural being will become completely loyal to the person who ‘created’ them.

For Tyler, this meant that he will seek Klaus’ approval and always put Klaus’ needs first. After his talk with Caroline, Tyler began to see the light and told Caroline that he did not want to revert to the person he used to be (Tyler 1.0, the abusive jerk.)

Sadly, Caroline left Tyler alone after a round of hanky-panky and Rebekah showed up with a ‘present’ for Klaus’ new asset. Rebekah used Tyler’s feelings for his ‘master’ to persuade Tyler into feeding on an innocent victim. It looks like our resident hybrid now has a ticking clock hanging over his head and I predict Tyler will join Vicki on the other side before season’s end.

A badass vampire, vampire-hunter:
Katherine spent the entire episode trying to awaken Mikael, the only vampire hunter said to be able to kill Klaus. And he just happens to be a vampire himself. (Talk about identity issues!) Mikael refused Katherine’s varied offerings of blood and told Katherine that he has been denying himself human blood for a very long time. That being said, Mikael still needed blood to survive and Katherine had the unfortunate luck to learn first-hand that Mikael only eats dead things. I think it is safe to say that Kat will be pretty ticked off when she recovers from that blood loss.


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