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Boardwalk Empire Episode 5 Recap: Eli and Nucky Rumble as Richard Harrow and Jimmy Go Scalping


Last week in Episode 4 of Boardwalk Empire, the tables turned when The Commodore  had a stroke. Now, Jimmy and Eli are in $70k in debt to The Commodore's cronies.

This episode was not for the faint of heart. It was moving, gut-wrenching, and laden with lots of blood-letting. Let's get to the recap...

Richard Harrow's Life is Saved By a Wild Dog

Richard Harrow is pretty bummed out. He has no love life. And, his lonliness is transpiring into a state of melancholy which leaves him hopeless. We know this even though he doesn't speak about it. He decides to take a trip to the woods and end his life when a dog comes up and steals his mask.

This results in a footchase which leads him to a camp where a few homeless men are hanging out. The one guy knows Richard was up to something. He certainly didn't go on a hunting trip with a gun like that. He knew he was out there to do the deed. It's a good thing they didn't kill off Richard. He is the most complex and developed character on the show.

Nucky and Eli Have a Fight That is For the Ages

Eli comes crawling back to Nucky when he sees trouble in paradise...a.k.a. Jimmy being 70 grand in the hole. He asks for Nucky's forgiveness when Nucky tells him to get down and kiss his shoe. He throws a bunch at Eli and it's on like an Ali-Frazier fight. Eli and Nucky are beating the daylights out of one another when Eli goes for his gun. Margaret comes in the room and puts a shotgun to Eli's head. Unbeknownst to Nucky's idiot younger brother the gun was unloaded. Nucky teaches Margaret a valuable lesson - if you are going to pull a gun on someone to make sure it's loaded.

Jimmy and Richard Do the Deed on The Old, Richard Bastard

Jimmy is in a meeting with The Commodore's cronies. He is promptly smacked with a cane by the old man in a wheelchair who bragged about his $1 million score from selling chipped beef to the Army. Jimmy is not someone you smack with a cane. And, in a scene which might be the most brutal in the history of Boardwalk Empire - Richard Harrow  and Jimmy pay him a visit. The old man is talking to his servant and admiring his piece of indian cloth which they believed could stop bullets. He of course makes it a point to call the indians savages. Clearly this old man is an a-hole and gets what is about to come to him. In come Jimmy and Richard Harrow. He asks Richard "who the hell are you?" He responds "I'm a soldier." Jimmy promptly holds him down and Richard scalps the old bastard.

Eli Caves in O'Neil's skull

This episode was rife with the blood-letting for sure. O'Neil pays Eli a visit and demands to know what's up with The Commodore. Eli breaks the news to him and George just won't let up. Eli tells him to shut the F up and swings a saw at him, breaking his adam's apple. At this point it's beyond the point of no return. Eli proceeds to cave in O'Neil's head with a wrench. I still say the scalping scene was the most brutal, but this one was pretty damn close.

What a week for Boardwalk. I give this episode a 'Macallan 12 Year' rating. It was the best one of the year so far. Things are really heating up and Van Alden was absent for two episodes including this one.

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

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