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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The End Of The Affair"


In last week’s episode, The End of the Affair, we got another glimpse into the past (this time, Chicago in the 1920s) as Stefan was reunited with vampire diaries the end of the affairsome old friends.

Bill is in the running for Worst Dad Ever: Bill convinced Caroline that he would let her go if she told him how she was able to walk in the sun.

Unfortunately, once Bill removed Caroline’s daylight ring, he used the sunlight to torture her, believing that she could control her vampire instincts if he taught her to associate vampirism with pain. (If things were that simple, surely someone would have attempted it years ago.)

Caroline tried to make her father understand that he could not change who she is but Bill was determined to ‘cure’ his daughter, if only so he did not have to kill her. (Father of the Year, that guy is.)

Team Caroline for the win: After being brutally tortured by her father, Caroline was rescued by her mother and Tyler. Liz was not swayed by her ex-husband’s pleas that they work together to ‘save’ their daughter and she almost shot him when he tried to prevent Tyler from freeing Caroline. Later that night, Liz tucked Caroline into bed and Caroline thanked her mom for believing in her. Liz then gave Tyler and Caroline a moment alone and Caroline broke down in Tyler’s arms.

Elena got a rude awakening: In their search for Stefan, Damon took Elena to Chicago, where Elena made a disturbing discovery. During his Ripper days, Stefan kept a list of all the people he murdered so he could re-live the kills, much in the way a serial-killer might. Elena was horrified by Stefan’s kill-list but she clung to the belief that she could bring Stefan back. Yet, when Elena finally got the chance to talk to Stefan, he told her that things would never be the same and he no longer wanted to be with her. (Though we know Stefan was pushing Elena away to keep her safe, that scene was hard to watch because Elena’s devastation was very real.)

Stefan’s past came back to haunt him and another Original joined the ranks: Klaus took Stefan on a trip down memory lane by reminding Stefan of his Ripper days in 1920s Chicago. Stefan and Klaus were friends back then and Stefan was romantically involved with Klaus’ sister and fellow Original, Rebekah. Stefan assumed he blocked out his memories of that era because of the blood-lust but he learned that Klaus compelled him to forget their time together in order to cover his tracks, presumably from the man we saw questioning Stefan about the two Originals.Vampire Diaries pic courtesy of CW.

Unlike her brother, Rebekah did not want to leave Stefan behind and when Klaus asked her to choose between her loyalty to him and her love for Stefan, Rebekah chose Stefan and Klaus staked her for turning against him. But fear not -- Like all Originals, Rebekah resurrected once the stake was removed and her feelings for Stefan were as strong as ever.

A magical, antique necklace: Though Klaus enjoyed reminiscing with Stefan, his main reason for venturing to Chicago was to meet with a witch, Gloria. Klaus asked Gloria what was preventing him from creating more hybrids and Gloria said the only way to find that out would be to contact the witch who created Klaus’ curse, who just happened to be the Original witch. Sadly, the Original witch was long dead, but Gloria said they could contact her through the necklace she had given to Rebekah. Unbeknownst to Klaus, Rebekah gave Stefan that necklace back in the 1920s and years later, Stefan gave it to Elena.

Katherine was back in action: Katherine called Damon to give him a lead on Stefan’s whereabouts and tease him about moving in on his brother’s territory. Her screen-time in this episode was limited but we managed to learn that Katherine was also in Chicago, both in the 1920s and in the present day. And Katherine is the only other person who knows that Stefan had Rebekah’s necklace. I doubt it will be long before Klaus or Katherine traces that necklace to Elena.

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