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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Ordinary People"


In last week’s episode, Ordinary People, we learned the origins of the Original family via flashbacks. This of course, meant the return of pretty costumes and bad wigs. (Though, sadly, there was not a single Petrova in sight.)

Heaven for a history teacher:
Alaric managed to decipher some of the etchings on the cave wall and realized they were the names of the Originals we already know: Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah and Papa Original, aka Mikael. Alaric took photos of the wall etchings so he could study then, while Elena decided to go straight to the source and ask Rebekah about her family’s history. With some assistance from Bonnie, Alaric tried to piece together the narrative in the etchings, but they would need Elena’s help to uncover the full story.Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

The story of the Originals:
After giving Elena the run-around, Rebekah finally opened up about her past and revealed quite a bit about the Original family. Rebekah’s family came to the new world on the advice of a witch and met their werewolf neighbors. The family lived in peace with the werewolves for many years, until the night one of the children was killed by a werewolf.

They were still human at the time, and the child’s death made Mikael decide that the family needed to become stronger than the werewolves, so they would be protected. And that’s where Mama Original, Esther, came in -- Esther was the Original witch we have heard so much about.

Esther used magic to turn her family into vampires, but she could not make the transition because a witch can never be a vampire and vice versa. Though vampirism was a form of protection, it had its downsides, none worse than the blood-lust. The blood-lust made the vampires into a predatory species but with Klaus, it was worse because he was a hybrid. Esther put the hybrid curse on Klaus in an attempt to appease Mikael, who had just learned that Klaus was not his son. According to Rebekah, Mikael then killed Esther. (But as Elena would soon discover, that was not the real story.)

Rebekah learned a harsh truth:
Once Elena heard Rebekah’s account, she worked out what the other cave symbols meant, but there was one that did not fit with Rebekah’s tale. Elena realized that Klaus, not Mikael, was the one who really killed Esther. The truth about her mother’s death devastated Rebekah, but made Elena think that Rebekah might come over to their side after all. (Though, after the incident with Elijah last season, I hope our gang does not put too much faith in another of Klaus’ siblings.)Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

A little drunken bonding between brothers:
Without telling Elena, Damon decided to nix the Lexi plan and release Stefan from captivity. Damon then took his brother out for a drink, where the brothers used their compulsion like it was going out of style. Half-way through their night on the town, Mikael showed up and crashed the party.

Mikael questions Stefan about Klaus’ whereabouts but the compulsion prevented Stefan from talking, so Mikael had to resort to extreme measures. Mikael threatened to rip Damon’s heart out if Stefan did not tell him where Klaus was.

To save his brother, Stefan fought against the compulsion and told Mikael that he could get Klaus to return to Mystic Falls. Later, Stefan tried to deny that he saved Damon out of love and said he merely realized that Damon was right and he needs to be free of Klaus. When Damon told Elena what happened with Stefan, Elena said that it would be Stefan’s love for Damon that would finally save him. (At this point, I do not care who or what brings Stefan back, as long as this Ripper version goes far, far away.)

With Klaus set to return, a blood-lusty Stefan on the loose again and vampire-hunter Mikael poised to attack, will anyone be left standing after this week’s mid-season finale?



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