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‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Recap: Season 7 Episode 9


It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia
Episode 9: The Gang Gets TrappedIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

This week’s episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia begins with Dennis and Sweet Dee trapped in a closet. The details are hazy but it appears that a rousing Dennis speech mixed with a misread newspaper article has worked the gang up into a fervor and they have gone to retrieve a stolen artifact Indiana Jones style.

As the story unfolds, the truth emerges that they have broken into a stranger’s home for no apparent reason. Frank though, refuses to accept defeat and tears apart a little girls’ room searching for the nonexistent treasure.

Meanwhile, the extraction team (Charlie and Mac) can’t seem to get on the same page as they stake out the home in a van. Their disagreement starts over a bag of chips, briefly subsides due to a shared dream of owning a leather shop in Arizona, and then finally explodes over who will man the controls of a walkie talkie. The fallout has Mac going on a burger run and Charlie breaking into the house trapping himself with the rest of the gang.

Now with Charlie, Dennis, Dee and Frank all trapped they decide that all of their options are exhausted and their only move left is to simply walk out the front door. The gang does finally make their exit by coolly strolling past a very confused Asian family in crisis as Frank destroys the families’ vase with a bull whip.

Strong episode overall with alot of funny but not a classic.

3.5 stars

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