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Boardwalk Empire Episode 7 Recap: Jimmy Orders Nucky's Assassination


Last week in Episode 6 of Boardwalk Empire, Jimmy and The Butcher decided to do business with Meyer Lansky and Lucky. Now, there is no turning back for both sides as they have to literally sever the bond with Nucky; forever. boardwalk empire jimmy nucky

After Nucky's fallout with Eli, he has far bigger problems than his looming Federal case. A mutiny is underway and the mob may do him in any day.

Episode 7 entitled "Peg of Old" results in the official severance of ties between Jimmy and Nucky. Earlier this season I thought there was a chance that Jimmy and Nucky would work together again. Now, there's zero chance.

Margaret Finds Her Family In New York and Owen Hook Up

Margaret tracks down her family in New York City. At first they take to her, but her older brother didn't want anything to do with her. He tells her to never come back as he despises her for getting whatever she wants and being in cahoots with (in this case) some unsavory rich fellow (Nucky).

Last week Margaret admitted she had the hots for Owen. She makes her move this week (after arriving back from New York) and tells him that they'll do it just this time and speak of it no more. This won't be the last time they get it on. Look for this romance to continue and eventually come to a head.

Van Alden Can't Be Bought and Admits His Affair to His Boss

Lucy breaks the news to Nucky about her child she had, but what really piques his interest is just who happens to be the father. He gets ahold of Van Alden and asks him to stop by the office. He blackmails Van Alden and says he will reveal his sordid affairs to his bosses (using government money to put up a mistress) and he seems to have Nelson backed into a corner. Van Alden agrees to relinquish information on Nucky's federal case...or so he says.

Van Alden informs his boss about his affair and the child he had out of wedlock. He also hands over his file on Nucky - the culmination of years of work. Nucky's problems just continue to mount.

Jimmy and His Crew Plot Nucky's Assassination

Jimmy, Meyer Lansky, Lucky, Al Capone and company meet to discuss the direction of their business - in other words what to do with Nucky. Lucky insists to "put a bullet in his head and get it over with." Richard Harrow seems taken aback by Eli's willingness to kill his own brother. Clearly he doesn't care about their brotherly bond anymore.

The decision is made and Nucky must die. While Nucky is out at a function, Jimmy comes up to him and tells him "it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, you just have to make a decision." Nucky is promptly shot, but alas it's a near-miss and he's still alive. And, a Fed rushes in and annouces that a bust is underway.

With Nucky alive it will set up the tables for quite a showdown next week in Episode 8.

I give this episode a Glenmorangie rating. It's not the strongest episode, but the assassination attempt on Nucky provided some intense fireworks. Now that Nucky knows Jimmy is trying to kill him, all bets are off. The second half of the season of Boardwalk looks to be an explosive one for sure.

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

Photo of Jimmy and Nucky from hbo.com

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