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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Homecoming"


In the mid-season finale, Homecoming, the gang implemented their plan to kill Klaus, but things did not go as expected.Vampire Diaries Homecoming

A hostile hybrid:
Tyler spent most of the episode acting like a total jerk (aka, like his season 1 self.) At the start of the episode, Tyler was helping Caroline set up for the Homecoming dance but when the gym was flooded, he moved the party to his house. Of course, that was all under Klaus’ orders and Tyler was still completely loyal to his ‘master’.

Alas, both Tyler and Caroline missed the big battle, but managed to have one serious conversation before the episode’s conclusion. Tyler told Caroline that he does not mind being a hybrid and being sired to Klaus because it means that he never has to turn again, unless he wants to. Tyler asked Caroline to understand and to stick by him the way she always has, but Caroline was unable to give him an answer and Tyler took her silence as a rejection.

The plan to kill Klaus:
Vampire Diaries HomecomingStefan lured Klaus back to Mystic Falls by telling Klaus that Mikael had been daggered. They knew that Klaus would want to see Mikael’s body for himself and when Klaus returned, Mikael planned to use a white-oak stake to kill him. Though Rebekah backed up the gang’s ruse, Elena was afraid that Rebekah’s connection to Klaus would throw a wrench in their plans, so Elena daggered Rebekah to take her out of the equation all-together.

In his elation over Mikael’s demise, Klaus used Tyler to throw a party in celebration. Klaus knew Damon and company had something planned, so he brought along a little insurance in the form of his brand-new hybrids, all of whom would do anything to protect their ‘master’. Klaus thought he had all his bases covered, but he did not know that Mikael had been un-daggered and was back in action.

And, like always, the plan went wrong:
The Klaus and Mikael confrontation was a bit anti-climactic. There was a lot of disappointment from Mikael and anger from Klaus that was ultimately rather meaningless. At one point, Mikael grabbed Elena and threatened to kill her so Klaus would be unable to make more hybrids. Klaus called Mikael’s bluff but Mikael went ahead and stabbed Elena anyway -- only, it was really Katherine pretending to be Elena, so she was fine and Damon used that moment of distraction to attack Klaus.

Katherine dispatched Klaus’ hybrids with some wolfs-bane grenades and Damon stabbed Klaus with the white-oak stake, but Stefan intervened to prevent Damon from killing Klaus. Klaus then used the stake to kill Mikael, who despite being an Original, probably cannot come back from being burnt to a crisp. As a reward for saving his life, Klaus freed Stefan from the compulsion.

The truth behind Stefan’s actions:             
While Damon and Elena struggled to understand why Stefan would save Klaus, Katherine and Stefan filled in the blanks for the audience. Klaus told Katherine (who was posing as Elena, at the time) that if he were to die, his hybrids had orders to kill Damon, effectively meaning that killing Klaus equaled killing Damon. Katherine told Stefan about the Damon effect and urged Stefan to care enough to save his brother’s life. When they decided to let Klaus live, Stefan and Katherine knew they would have to kill Mikael, otherwise he would turn on them for their betrayal.

Stefan asked Katherine why she cared about saving Damon’s life and Katherine confessed to loving both brothers. Katherine explained that humanity was a vampire’s greatest weakness and no matter how hard one tried to shut it off, it always managed to seep through (sort of like a leaky faucet.) Stefan admitted that he did not want to turn it all back on after everything he has done, but Katherine told him he had to in order to complete the next stage of her plan. Katherine needed Stefan to get angry enough that he would seek revenge on Klaus, which is exactly what he did. Stefan informed his former ‘master’ that he had stolen the bodies of Klaus’ family members (the ones Klaus carts around in all those coffins) and if Klaus did not behave, he would never see his family again.

Though Stefan seemingly has the upper hand at the moment, Klaus is not the type to stay down for very long. But we will have to wait to see how it all plays out, since the show has now entered its mid-season break, also known as the ‘hell-atus’.

The Vampire Diaries will return on January 5th.


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