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‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Recap: Season 7 Episode 10


It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia
Episode 10: How Mac Got Fat

At the start of this week’s episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we find Mac in a confessional booth asking God to smite the rest of the gang and trying to explain to a very confused priest how he became fat.

Macs’ tale of woe begins when Paddy’s becomes successful for no apparent reason. The bar is beginning to fill with customers every night. The gang comes to the delusional conclusion that they have reached their “tipping point” and they must continue to do what they individually think they succeed at to remain successful. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

This leads to Dee alienating customers with her comedy routine, Frank making horrendous plans due to being left to his own devices, and Dennis becoming so obsessed with physical perfection that he disfigures his face with a chemical peel. Somehow the only one who is trying to keep it together is Charlie, who is left to run the bar by himself.

Mac then decides that due to Paddy’s’ overwhelming popularity he will need an “avatar” to fill in for him and do his work. While interviewing a muscle bound candidate for the position, Mac becomes convinced he must bulk up to make it work. But alas, as Mac gains bulk, he doesn’t realize that the gang has abandoned the plan and the bar has lost all of its popularity and clientele. This leaves Mac fat, dejected, and scorned.

Solid episode- 4 stars for Mac taking one for the gang.

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