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Boardwalk Empire Episode 9 Recap: Nucky Heads to Ireland and Chalky Organizes a Strike


Episode 8 of Boardwalk Empire set the wheels in motion for what appears to be an explosive final 4 episodes this season. Nucky announced his resignation and told Jimmy and co. he would "step aside," but this was really just for ostensible purposes. Behind the scenes he's pulling the Nucky Irelandstrings. Nucky set up a meeting with John McGarrigle and told Chalky to organize a strike. On the other side, Jimmy has a souring relationship with Manny, whom he screwed out of several thousand dollars - by not delivering the booze.

Alas, episode 9 was one heck of episode - certainly one of the best this season. The infamous Jack Dempsey - George Carpenter fight served as a fitting backdrop for the episode. There is quite a fight developing in Atlantic City and Philly.

Jimmy and Waxey Try to Have Manny Horvitz Killed

Remus visits Jimmy at his home and has plenty of medicinal alcohol on hand. They agree to a deal before the upcoming Dempsey-Carpenter fight. 

Waxey Gordon is also at the meeting. Jimmy makes it known that he has major issues with Manny and gives him a few good reasons to have him killed - since he killed two of Waxey's men.

Manny is at his shop when one of Waxey's goons tries to shoot him through the door only to come up short. Manny yanks the young fellow through the door and chops him in his head with a huge meat cleaver. Certainly an epic moment for Boardwalk Empire. This scene was right up there with Eli caving in O'Neil's skull and the scalping scene from earlier this year.

Chalky Organizes a Strike

Nucky gave Chalky the orders to organize a strike with his folks. Now it's time. And an unlikely face also reappears - Dunn Pernsley, who tried to confront Chalky earlier this year, only to have his ass kicked.

Pernsley stirs up the boss in the kitchen and talks his way out of a job. He reminds them of the horrid food (leftovers) they are fed and the fact they have never received a raise. The other workers follow suit, throw down their utensils, and won't return to work after lunch.

Now, the message will be sent to the rich white folks who think they can continue to treat African Americans with utter disdain.


Nucky Heads to Ireland With Owen to Visit McGarrigle

IRA Leader John McGarrigle needs ammunition to fight the British and Nucky needs booze. It's a perfect trade right? Nucky has 3,000 guns sitting in a warehouse in New Jersey and wants lots of Irish whisky in exchange. Well when Nucky shows up with a casket full of guns, McGarrigle seems less than enthusiastic, basically gives him an "FU," and says he'll talk it over with his people. When they reconvene, McGarrigle wants to make nice with the British by being the first side to step down. In exchange, the British consider offering them a state.

McGarrigle was falling out of favor with his men behind the scenes. When Nucky and Owen are leaving, McGarrigle is promptly shot dead as they drive away. Now Nucky is dealing with Bill, the new leader, who agrees to give him 10,000 cases of booze for 1,000 guns. As Nucky and Owen ready for their departure, he scolds Owen and tells him he doesn't like secrets. Everyone knew about McGarrigle's impending "removal" but Nucky.

Finally, Owen receives a note and can barely finish it. Margaret's daughter Emily became striken with polio and told Nucky he must come home now.

The Rating Is...

I give this episode a 5. This was the second best episode of the season and sets the stages for an awesome final quarter of the season. Look for Manny to make a move against Jimmy next week.

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

Photo of Jimmy and Nucky from hbo.com

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