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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Ghost World"


In last week’s episode, Ghost World, spirits from the other side returned to put their unfinished business to rest.

Bonnie saves the day:
Once Bonnie learned that something had gone very wrong with the ghosts, she found a manifestation spell that gave all of those restless spirits form and visibility. One of the returning ghosts was Bonnie’s grandmother, Sheila.

Though the two were thrilled to be reunited, Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.Sheila said they needed to get down to business. She informed Bonnie that the Original witch took advantage of the crack in the door to the other side, for her own purposes. Sheila returned to help Bonnie re-set the balance of nature and close the door to the other side, once and for all.

Of course, the key to closing that door was to destroy Elena’s magic necklace, which Anna had stolen in an attempt to locate her mother’s ghost. Jeremy got the necklace from Anna and Bonnie used it to seal the door and send all the ghosts back to the other side. Unfortunately, once the dust cleared, the magic necklace was somehow restored. The Original witch must have infused that thing with some serious witchy juju.

A night to remember:
The citizens of Mystic Falls were having yet another public get-together, this time to celebrate Illumination Night. When Bonnie’s spell allowed all of the ghosts to gain a foot-hold in the real world, some of the tomb vampires returned to seek revenge against the Founding Families. They managed to kill another member of the Fell family (those poor Fells never last long) and then set their sights on Carol Lockwood. Caroline saw her sort-of boyfriend’s mother in a tricky situation and risked her life to save Carol’s. Now that Carol has seen the young vampire in action, she will hopefully give Tyler a break when it comes to his love life.

A little Lexi intervention:
Stefan’s former BFF Lexi was another ghost with unfinished business and she returned to do what she does best: save Stefan. Lexi threw Stefan in the vampire-cell Caroline was held in earlier this season and said he had to stay there until they could rid him of his blood-lust and break through his Ripper persona. Then Lexi gave Elena a crash-course in Ripper-removal and told her that the key to bringing back the real Stefan was to make him feel something again. Unfortunately, Bonnie’s removal spell took effect before Lexi could finish the job, but Elena assured Lexi that she was up to the task and Lexi could move on knowing that Stefan was in good hands. So Lexi did just that.Vampire Diaries photo courtesy of CW.

Anna moved on:
With little regard for how his actions might hurt his current girlfriend, Jeremy gave in to his feelings for Anna and the two shared a kiss, which Elena walked in on. (Later, Elena let it slip that Jeremy had kissed Anna and the news found its way to Bonnie’s ears.)

Jeremy told Elena that he has always loved Anna but Elena reminded her brother that Anna was dead and asked him if he planned to love a ghost for the rest of his life. Anna knew it was wrong to cling to Jeremy but she did not want to be alone anymore. Jeremy promised that would not happen and left to help Bonnie with the spell.

Luckily, right before the spell banished the ghosts from the real world, Anna was able to reunite with her mother and the two were sent off into the after-life, together. Jeremy, on the other hand, wound up very much alone after Anna disappeared and Bonnie seemingly broke up with him. (You know what they say about the dog with two bones, Jer.)

A werewolf gets into the action:
Mason Lockwood also came back from the other side and Damon assumed it was for revenge, but in fact, Mason was searching for redemption. Mason thought that if he could save Tyler from Klaus’ control, it might serve to make up for some of the mistakes Mason made with his own life. Mason told Damon that there was a Lockwood legend about a weapon that could kill an Original and it was buried near the old Lockwood cellar.

The cellar led to a cave that was protected by a spell that kept vampires from entering, so Mason had to go in alone. Mason managed to find something but he disappeared before he could tell Damon what it was, so Damon called in Alaric for assistance. Alaric found etchings on the cave wall that, as we learned from the episode 8 preview, tell the story of the Original family. Which can only mean one thing: It’s flash-back time!

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