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Boardwalk Empire Episode 6 Recap: Nucky's Federal Case Gets Thwarted


After the blood-letting last week on Boardwalk Empire, it was a tough act to follow for Episode 6, entitled "The Age of Reason." Eli is persona non grata to Nucky after their brawl. Jimmy certainly pissed some people off by knocking off one of the elder statesmen of the corrupt Atlantic City political community when he and Richard Harrow went scalping, and Leander Woodlock (Leander Woodlock) lets Jimmy hear it about their killing of Parkhurst.Boardwalk Empire photo: www.stuff.co

The Commodore makes a brief appearance. He can hear and understand, but cannot speak, which is like a lifetime prison sentence in and of itself. Now onto the rest of the recap.

Nucky's Federal Case Gets Thwarted

Looks like Attorney General Daughtery won't come through for Nucky when Senator Edge (who Nucky screwed last season) threatens to expose him and his cronies for scraping off the top of the newly minted Department of Veteran Affairs. Thus, Nucky's prosecutor (Thorogood) is taken off the case and all bets are off. Daughtery can't help Nucky, even though he tries to calm him down by saying "I found you Chip Thorogood."

Jimmy and The Butcher Make a Deal with Lucky and Lansky

Meyer Lansky and Lucky are importing some booze for Nucky when the car gets a flat. They realize quickly that it "aint a nail" and a rain of bullets ensues. Turns out Jimmy, Richard Harrow , and The Butcher accost them. Rather than take each other out (other than the expendable one shot by The Butcher), they cut a deal. The heroine trade is about to take off when Meyer brokers a deal with Jimmy to make peace and do business on that end.

Lucy Has the Kid and Van Alden's Wife Finds Out

Van Alden is visiting the agent who was badly burned when Lucy pops out the kid on her own. When he arrives home he tells her he'll get a doctor. Upon returning again, Van Alden's wife is there and the jig is up. She understands now why Van Alden has been so distant and absent in her life. Good to see him get exposed!

Margaret Wants Owen Slater in a Bad Way

Nucky is concerned about Margaret talking too much in confession. Turns out she has the hots for Owen Slater, who she found out is banging the housemaid. This could prove to be an explosive situation for both Slater and Margeret should a love triangle develop. I'm not sure they should develop this plot further with all of the storylines going on at the moment. Just my two cents.

I give this episode a 'The Glenlivet' rating. It was a solid episode, but not great. But again, a mediocre episode of Boardwalk Empire, like good scotch, is still better than your generic swill.

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

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