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'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: Season 7 Episode 12


It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia
Episode 12: The High School Reunion Part 1

This week on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the gang takes a trip down memory lane as they attend their high school reunion. Hijinks ensue as they run into old classmates, flames, and enemies. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

The gang gets off to a rocky start when the door keeper refuses admittance to Frank and Charlie has to sneak in to avoid a former classmate that he permanently scarred with a box of hornets.

Next comes the episode’s major revelation when we learn that Macs’ given name is actually Ronald McDonald. We also learn that Charlie was the Dirt Grubber, Dee the Aluminum Monster, and Mac was the Rat who was the school narc as well as its biggest drug dealer. Cricket also makes a surprise appearance. He seems to have his life back together and has rejoined the priesthood.

As the night progresses, everything falls apart for the gang as Dennis gets ignored by classmates he thought of as minions, and Mac and Charlie wind up getting atomic wedgies from the cool kids. Even poor Crickets’ story was a ruse. He gets exposed as a ring worm infested crack head thief who implicates Dee in a past relationship and gets her ostracized as well.

Strong 4-star episode that has me looking forward to part two.

Jay D. Davis is a freelance entertainment and sports writer based in the Philadelphia area.

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