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'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season Finale Recap: Season 7 Episode 13


It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia
Episode 13: The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s RevengeIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

The season finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia finds the gang at their high school reunion and pissed off  with a thirst for vengeance.

Dennis’s delusions lead him to seek his vengeance by attempting to seduce the “king of the mountaintops” wife. Dee is adrift and has no choice but to join Mac and Charlie who are trying to reform their old gang the” Freight Train.”

Their initiation of Sweet Dee is an atomic wedgie that throws her back out and forces her to don her old aluminum back brace. The gang seems doomed, due to their original leader Psycho Pete (who is AWOL).  But Dennis snaps in the nick of time and goes on a tirade that reveals his bizarre fetish interests .

This appears to give the gang all the psycho that they need. Things yet again take a nasty turn however,  when it’s revealed that Mac slept with Dennis’s prom date. Nonetheless, Frank  gives a rousing speech that reunites the gang and inspires them on to initiate Plan B. Plan B is a choreographed dance number to George Michael’s “Freedom” that they believe is epic and will enable them to dance all of their problems away.

But alas, a lack of skill and conditioning only brings them more embarrassment. The episode concludes with the always stellar Jason Sudeikis swooping in at the last second to steal a drunken waitress away from Charlie.

A four star episode for ending a solid season on a high note. Mac’s Michael Jackson tribute is an iconic ‘Always Sunny’ moment.

Jay D. Davis is a freelance entertainment and sports writer based in the Philadelphia area

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