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‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Recap: Season 7 Episode 11


It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia
Episode 11: Thunder Gun Express

This week’s episode finds the gang in possession of the last tickets to the greatest action movie ever made (Thunder Gun Express) and twenty eight minutes to get to the theatre.
Unfortunately, the gang overlooks a visit by President Obama that has traffic at a standstill.  With the clock ticking the gang makes Dennis the first casualty as they leave him stranded in his vehicle while they take to the Philadelphia streets to reach the theatre by any means necessary.It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
The next casualty is Frank, as Charlie, Mac and Dee hop a moving trolley that Frank can’t reach. Not to be outdone, Frank hijacks a tour boat.  Exiting the trolley, Dee and Charlie wind up in the sewer system stranding Mac, whose obesity causes him to be lodged in a grate. Charlie then abandons Dee, whose shoe gets stuck, to be swept up in a wave of sewer water.  

During all this, Frank uses the hijacked tour boat as a platform to regale a group of Asian tourists with the gang’s past adventures. Frank then attempts to dock the boat where he is immediately taken into police custody.

The rest of the gang does regroup and make it to the theatre in time, only to be thwarted by a bomb threat that Frank calls in from the police station.  4 star episode as Frank “Thunder Guns” the crew and steals the show.


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