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Fashion for your Eyes: Great Styles of Eyeglasses from Philly Fashionistas


It's crazy to think that an object can define you, but when I misplaced my coveted red l.a. Eyeworks frames last week, I felt completely lost...and it wasn't because I couldn't see.

Never had I gone into panic mode over glasses before. Why I asked myself? I mean, I had other options and it wasn't like I was legally blind.

The answer of course, was that I would miss the persona they helped create. Eccentric, yet sophisticated, classy yet quirky. I never met a person that didn't want to try them on.

Well, this story has a happy ending and my 'Pop in Toy Red Wood' frames were successfully located. But I have to admit a part of me was secretly hoping to run back to InnerVision Eyewear to look for a replacement. Never has there been an eyewear store where I wanted to buy everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Till this day, I can hardly walk by without popping in to see what new "eye candy" they have in stock.

Of course, being THE Philly Fashionista has it's perks and in sharing my experience I also get to share the Facebook promotion InnerVision is running for my readers. Simply click "like" on their Facebook Page and your name will be entered to win your very own pair of frames of choice. The winner will be selected on January 31st, so this should be a no-brainer. How rewarding and fun is that?

So, happy frame shopping ladies and gent and good luck on the InnerVision Eyewear Fan Page contest!


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