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Boardwalk Empire Episode 10 Recap: Manny Horvitz Attempts to Kill Jimmy...


In last week's episode of Boardwalk Empire, a seismic shift occured across the Atlantic ocean - with McGarrigle getting assassinated. Boardwalk Empire

Meanwhile, back in Jersey - Waxey Gordon tried to have Manny Horvitz killed, but his hitman failed miserably and became just another one of Manny's victims.

Manny knows Jimmy was behind it and will be on the warpath. Jimmy's stronghold on Atlantic City is turning out to be short-lived as soon as Nucky gets the Irish whiskey imported across the Atlantic.

All is not well with Nucky's empire though. Lurking in the background are the Feds - who are building a pretty strong case against him with the help of Van Alden.

With just three episodes left there are many unanswered questions. Will Manny take out Jimmy? Will Nucky go down to the Feds? And, just how long will the strike go on?

Nucky Heads to New York To Meet Rothstein and His Lawyer

Nucky is fed up with his lawyer's inability to get is case squashed so he fires him. He then heads up to the Big Apple to meet with Arnold Rothstein and his lawyer William Fallon, who got Rothstein off the hook for the Black sox Scandal. Fallon won't be cheap and Nucky doesn't have the money to pay the bribes needed to make his legal woes go away. Perhaps the newfound Irish Whiskey operation will provide the necessary funds.

Margaret's Daughter Emily Has Polio

Margaret gets the worst possible news regarding her daughter Emily, who can no longer feel her legs. She has polio and has to be quarantined. Margaret watches helplessly as her daughter is stuck with a needle in her spine. Later on in the episode, Margaret goes into the quarantine ward to lay with her daugher in her bed - in one of the most touching scenes in the two seasons of Boardwalk Empire.

The Commodore Calls out Jimmy Over the Strike

Jimmy and his cronies discuss how to handle the problem with the strike. Jimmy wants to deal with the black citizens of A.C. Of course this doesn't sit well with the old racist white folks such as The Commodore who is struggling to speak. Finally, The Commodore is able to speak like he used to and he stands up, taking Jimmy to task. "Why don't you just show them your c**t. Just pull up your dress and show them!" Looks like the old man is recovering from the stroke and unafraid to tell Jimmy how disappointed he is with him.

Chalky's Workers are Beaten and the Strike Will Go On

Eli's racist goons take it upon themselves to "deal" with the striking workers with baseball bats. This leaves a nasty taste in Chalky's mouth. When Jimmy meets with Chalky to negotiate the end of the strike he is willing to offer raises to the workers.

This isn't good enough for Chalky. He wants $3,000 paid to the families of the men killed in the Klan attack. Jimmy agrees to that. But, Chalky also wants the three men delivered to him who did the shooting. Jimmy won't do that. So Chalky tells him that the strike will have to go for the rest of the busy tourist season. "There's always next year", says Chalky. It has always been a mystery, but it's possible the three men who did the shooting were Jimmy, Eli, and The Commodore.

Manny Goes After Jimmy and Ends Up Killing Angela

This season has been rife with shocking scenes of violence. From the scalping scene to Eli caving in O'Neil's skull, and Manny taking out Waxey Gordon's goon with a meat cleaver - this season has delivered in the department of graphic violence.

Manny Horvitz is certain Jimmy tried to have him knocked off. When Doyle goes to visit him and offers to extend the olive branch in the form of $5,000 - Manny responds "why didn't he come here himself?" It's true. This "gesture" is nothing more than a slap in the face from someone who tried to have him executed. Manny proceeds to choke Doyle nearly into unconciousness.

Turn to the end of the episode. Manny goes into Jimmy's home and is ready to do the deed. However, Jimmy isn't at home. He's heading to Princeton.

Angela is in bed and Manny covers her mouth. He waits for someone to come out of the bathroom. In this case it's Angela's new lover. Manny shoots her dead and Angela runs over to her lifeless body on the floor. She begs for her life and Manny simply says "Your husband did this to you." Manny shoots her in the head.

It's quite a shocking end of the episode and certainly a curveball. I'm a little disappointed that they decided to kill off Angela's character. Unlike many of the other female characters on the show, Angela represented the artsy type who goes against the grain and does her thing. Lesbianism was taboo in the 1920's and her "other life" added a really interesting dimension to the show. Actress Aleksa Palladino (who played Angela) said in an interview she was pretty disappointed about her character being killed off. She even said there was a possible storyline involving her and an anarchist. It's a shame they didn't go in that direction.

Nonetheless, this isn't necessarily a bad direction either. Now that Manny killed Jimmy's wife, it will set the stages for one hell of an episode next week...hopefully!

The Rating Is...

I give this episode a 5. The episodes just get better and better for what is becoming the best show on TV hands down. Dexter, watch your back. Boardwalk Empire is just about to unthrone you as the best drama on TV! And, this is coming from a huge Dexter fan as I am.

Show scale:

5 - The Macallan - 12 Year

4 - Glenmorangie

3 - The Glenlivet

2 - Laphroaig

1 - Johnny Walker Black

Photo of Jimmy and Nucky from hbo.com

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