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83rd Oscars possibly the most boring Academy Awards Ceremony in history


This thing was a clunker from the word ‘go.’Yeah guys, w edon't know what happened either! Photo:http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/02/28/us-oscars-show-idUSTRE71P05X20110228

Combine two hosts who never meshed with very few surprises, upsets, or stirring speeches, the 2011 Academy Awards was about as stale as you can get.  When there is no sign whatsoever of Jack Nicholson, you know you could be in for a long night. Let’s break it down:

Hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco

While the opening sequences with the two “dreaming” through the nominated films for best picture was impressive and looked promising, it was all downhill from there. Franco and Hathaway had no chemistry whatsoever. Maybe pairing the two was the Academy’s way of trying to appeal to a more "youthful" crowd. Nonetheless, it backfired horribly. The jokes fell flat, and although Hathaway seemed to be giving it her all, Franco was stiff and looked completely indifferent to the fact that he was hosting the Academy Awards. The appearance of Billy Crystal  about half way through the show as he paid a tribute to Bob Hope made yours truly long for the days of better ceremonies. And I don’t think I was alone (did you see the crowd’s reaction?).  Chances are Hathaway could be involved again in some capacity, but new hosts next year are almost 100% definite.  Perhaps next year Crystal returns?.............

Most unexpected moment of the night

In a week that has seen his son and daughter in law largely in the spotlight, a 94 year-old Kirk Douglas made a rare appearance at the beginning of the ceremonies. Though his speech has been affected from a stroke he suffered several years ago, Douglas ripped some zingers and presented the Best Supporting Actress Award to Melissa Leo for ‘The Fighter.’  Leo then promptly dropped an F-bomb during her speech. Geez, that’s never happened before.......


Batman pulls a ‘Hillary Swank.’ Kind of.

In a not-so-surprising win, Christian Bale took home Best Supporting Actor  for ‘The Fighter.’  Yes, Batman now has an Oscar for his utility belt. However, all the gadgets in the world couldn’t help an emotional Bale remember his wife’s name  (for the record it’s um.......Sibi) as he attempted to thank her during his acceptance speech. If you hear that a profanity-laced tirade involving Bale went down near the ‘In N’ Out’ on Sunset this morning, you’ll know why............

That ‘music digitalized auto-tone thing: Awful. Just awful. Mixing music to the Twilight saga as well as Harry Potter. A total waste of time.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Someone somewhere is REALLY trying to hype her as the ‘next big thing’ (from the standpoint of a recording artist). She looks great, and isn’t a bad singer by any means, but I’m still not feeling this. To top it off, your having Celine Dion sing at the same awards ceremony. Believe me, I never thought I would EVER go to bat for Celine Dion. After all, my next door neighbor in college played that damn ‘Titantic’ song every day during the spring of 1998. But as a fellow musician, I know when to give props, and I must say the woman still has some mad pipes.

Randy Newman and Trent Reznor

Newman won his second Oscar in twenty plus nominations. Unexpected- which Newman emphasized in his speech. The writer of 'Short People' has come a long way. Speaking of coming a long way, never in my wildest dreams when I was blaring 'Closer' from Brian McKeever's car in the summer of '94 that Trent Reznor would be writing movie scores and winning Academy Awards for them.


Annette Bening denied....AGAIN!

If there was going to be an upset tonight, it would have been Bening over Natalie Portman (Black Swan) for her role in The Kids Are All Right. It was not to be. Portman took home the Oscar, and Bening went home empty handed again. In an unrelated story, Bening’s other half, Warren Beatty, looked completely out of it on the red carpet, awkwardly responding to Robin Roberts’ questions.  

The King’s Speech vs. The Social Network

Is it me, or were these two films pitted against each other in almost EVERY category they were involved in? Overall, The King’s Speech won the competition, taking four statues home to The Social Network’s three. The latter only beat the former in two categories: Best Original Score and Best Editing. ‘Speech’ won Best Picture and Colin Firth  won Best Actor.

And speaking of ‘The Social Network,’ did anyone see Jesse Eisenberg talk to Robin Roberts on the red carpet prior to the start of the show. I’m not convinced he was really acting in that movie.........



It really DID win every "technical" award. And by the way, Christopher Nolan is one HELL of a director..........


Most insulting moment of the night for Philadelphia Eagles fans

I'm sure you are well aware of it by now, but the executive producer of the Oscar winning documentary Inside Job is none other than Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. What are the odds of winning an Oscar compared to winning a Super Bowl? Just wondering...... 

Well, that’s all I have. The ceremony was really an uneventful three hours and change. I laughed harder during the first five minutes of Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show.

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