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Philly2Philly's Your Colour Palette "Back Story"


Behind every heart is a Back Story. "Your Colour Palette" with Laini Bianculli.

An original motion picture if you will. And if you could hear the soundtrack of your life in the distance, it would echo the beautiful and powerful music of a Philly favorite Maestro, composer and conductor, Bill Conti

As this story unfolds, nothing would stir your soul like the all-encompassing masterpiece of "Philadelphia Morning" followed by the mighty repeat in your heart, "Going the Distance." 

As human beings and Philadelphians, we understand the passion and depth of these theme songs that our beloved underdog character Rocky, made so famous.  He is what we live every day:  Triumph over tragedy, happiness over sorrow, laughter over tears.  This is what dreams are made of, and this is what develops into your unique Back Story.

A resume or curriculum summarizing our education, work experience and skillsets is something we all need to secure a job and career path.  We are contacted by employers for job interviews by what is written on this piece of paper.  Amazingly, what is not written and cannot be seen or felt by anyone but you are what make all the difference.  It would be so refreshing to be asked, who are you?  And not, what do you do?  Life experience and lessons learned will assist you in organizing your future so you can gracefully step forward on your Catwalk to Sidewalk of life.          

Prioritizing and organizing your needs provides you with your own designer compass. Without direction, all we have is one vast mess of here, there and everywhere or what Lainiology describes as "the bumping cars of life."

What kind of story is being told right now in the back of your closets, behind your drawers, underneath your countertops and in your living space?  You need to do more than shift your clothes from one side of your closet to the other or hide your sweaters until the first frost.  

Prepare for the birth of the 2011 spring season and get organized with a YOUR COLOUR PALETTE favorite, Organizing Philly.  

Mia Carpiniello, a Mompreneur, attorney, a live-your-passion mentor, and the lovely and talented founder of Organizing Philly, has always "had a knack for organizing."  Mia "appreciates the value of utilizing space and time efficiently."  She "speaks regularly on organizing, has taught courses and workshops at Temple University Center City Campus, IKEA and Center City Pediatrics, and now brings order to her clients' lives by implementing organizing solutions personalized to their needs."  

Whether it's your closet space, one room, an office or your entire home, you can count on Mia to work hard for you, cover all the bases and "bring order to your chaos."  It will be a sweet treat to meet Mia for an organizing consultation where she and her gift will remain with you on your journey and be a meaningful part of your Back Story.

YOUR COLOUR PALETTE Sidewalknistas can begin your spring organizing and style experience projects for under $100.  Jump-start your spring fling with some fun, cost-effective and time-managing Lainideas.

Are your cosmetic cases overflowing or is your makeup sitting in piles of disarray in shoe boxes or plastic containers?  Click on QVC for the creative organizing genius designs of Lori Greiner like her Table Top Spinning Cosmetic Organizer.  This little beauty holds up to 100 pieces of your daily go-to cosmetic essentials at a great price and looks super chic on your vanity.  This carousel of style is worthy of a standing ovation in your highest wedge platform sandals.   Be sure to clean all of your makeup brushes with a gentle soap and water and toss any old makeup.  Let go of the past as you are organizing and getting ready for spring and your future.

Your handbag is one of your most delicious, important and sophisticated accessories. Lori Greiner's Nesting Total Bag Organizer  It is an extension of you and your signature style.  We invest small fortunes into this love affair yet the interior is a lost and found debacle.  We have to dig to the very bottom for our keys, cell phones, sunglasses, and lip gloss only to have these lifelines slip further down into the Abyss. 

Lori Greiner's Nesting Total Bag Organizer will allow you to be a quick change artist as you opt for versatility with the warmer temperatures and spring fashions in transferring all of your treasures from handbag to handbag throughout the season.  It will also render an overall sturdy structure to all of your bags especially satchels and slouchy totes.     

Organizing your jewelry is another way to simplify your every day.  This may require a  Lori Greiner's Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet little bit more cash but will be worth every dollar.  Lori Greiner's Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet is the perfect armoire for all of your jewelry and is a pretty accent to any bedroom, dressing room or walk-in closet.          

A very tiny sneak peek into the 2011 spring fashion season screams bold and bright color, which is perfect, because when we close our dramatically voluminous eyelashes to dream, it's never in shades of grey, but rather in rainbows.  We will discuss this exciting bright future in April!  

Reminisce, every now and then, to remind yourself how far you have come on your journey.  Listen and hang on to the music that plays in your heart and when the day arrives to ring that "Final Bell," you will proudly do so as a champion of your signature style who fulfilled the many desires of your heart.

With fashionable gratitude,
Laini Bianculli – The Style Maestro

Twitter @LainiYCP 

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