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Helene Eksterowicz's Recap of 'The Bachelor' Finale: Who Will Brad Choose?


The Bachelor 15’ Finale starts off with Brad in Cape Town, Brad ponders his future. Photo: ABCSouth Africa doing some self-reflecting on both of his choices and greeting his family as they arrive from Austin, Texas.  Brad fights back tears as he hugs his mother and brother as they arrive, and again as he sits down to talk with them.  

Brad seems to be becoming very emotional, sort of like Chantal.  He tells his family that he is falling in love and is the most open as he has ever been. And he notes that he is 100% into proposing to one of them.  He also notes that his family’s input is crucial because Emily and Chantal are total opposites and so he needs their help more than ever in deciding who is right for him.  It’s the Superbowl of romance for us Bachelor fans and so let the games begin!  


Chantal Wins the Coin Toss

The winner of the first coin toss is Chantal. Brad introduces her to his family first and Chantal discloses how she fell in love with Brad in the rainy Costa Rican rainforest. His brothers Chad and Wes take Chantal aside to speak with her outside. Chantal notes that she had some initial concerns about Brad, but she has Chantal and Brad from 'The Bachelor.' Photo: ABCfaith in him now and she is ready to get married to Brad on the spot!  I’m not sure Brad is ready for that kind of commitment so let’s not push it, Chantal.  

Then, Brad’s mother asks Chantal how she fell in love with Brad so quickly. Chantal expresses that she has been married before, knows what she wants now after her divorce, and was open to love and then Brad came along.  

Brad’s mother calls Chantal “precious” and they appear to really hitting it off.  While speaking to his mother who is still glowing and talking about Chantal’s outer and inner beauty, Brad states that he feels like himself around her and is happy to have his family’s approval of her.  As he says goodbye to Chantal, he notes that he could see himself marrying Chantal if all goes well over the next few days.

Now to Emily

Next up, Emily arrives with flowers in hand but feeling very nervous about meeting his family. His brother Wes notes that Emily is certainly more reserved than Chantal and expresses some worry about Emily relocating with her daughter to Austin to be with Brad. As Brad’s brothers speak openly to Emily, they noted how genuine she is as well as the amount of respect that they have for her as a mother.  

When they later speak to Brad by themselves, they ask him some serious questions about whether he is ready to be a husband to Emily as well as a father to Rikki. Brad’s mother expresses the respect that she has for Emily while Emily discloses her feelings towards Brad. Brad’s mother gets very emotional at Emily’s remark that Brad is her “angel” and notes sorrow over Emily’s struggles in her life. Emily then leaves on a very high point with Brad and with his family- so things look very promising for Emily!

Brad then talks to his family about their thoughts about each girl. His brother Wes contrasts the two women by pointing out that Brad would have two different kinds of life with each of them. He notes that he could see Brad traveling with fun and carefree Chantal whereas with Emily, he would need to settle down more because of her daughter and their need for stability. His sister-in-laws point out that they can relate more to Emily because she is a mom like them and that she would maybe fit into their family better.  

His twin brother Chad describes Emily as “poised” as Brad’s sister-in-law notes that she is so “sweet.” His family and mother definitely seem smitten with Emily as his mother describes her as the “whole package.” The Womack clan is certainly leaning more towards Emily, and Brad seems beaming as well at their stamp of approval for the girl that he has had his eye on from the beginning and all through the show.  

Last Date with Chantal?

After the family time, Brad meets up with Chantal for their last date before the finale. They do some sightseeing on a boat for a while until Brad discloses that they will soon be swimming with the sharks below. Swimming with the sharks is very ironic for this show (sorry but I had to say it). Brad and the adventurous Chantal put on their wetsuits and test out the waters together in a metal cage underwater.  

Afterwards, Brad notes that he is very proud of her and loves their chemistry together. He definitely loves her fun nature and sense of adventure. While relaxing with Chantal later that night, Brad notes that he feels like himself around her, while Chantal gives Brad a homemade map of all of their adventures together and a special heartfelt note. After a wonderful night together, Brad says goodbye to his “Channy.” After he leaves however, Chantal seems tearful and worrisome about their fate.  

Last Date With Emily?

Brad then meets up with Emily as they go on an exciting helicopter ride to the windy Cape of Good Hope. Brad expresses to Emily how much his family loves her, and Emily asks Brad again if he is ready to be a father and have an instant family with her and Rikki. This seems to be a more serious date than his last one with Chantal, which was more fun and adventurous.  Brad seems more solemn as Emily talks about her feelings and nervousness about what will happen next as the last rose ceremony approaches.  

As their night date approaches, Brad notes that he has a lot to talk to Emily about. Brad expresses to Emily that he is ready to be Rikki’s father if he is given the chance. Brad notes that he can provide unconditional love, support, be a provider, and everything and more to Emily and Rikki. But Brad seems to be getting nervous and feels on the spot as Emily expresses her concerns and starts firing questions at him.  

Brad starts sweating and is almost hyperventilating as she appears to be questioning him. As Brad takes off to get a drink of water, Emily notes that she may have self-sabotaged herself by over thinking things and expressing too many doubts with Brad.  Brad ends up walking off feeling “defeated” and knocked down, as he remarks. As he walks away, I start to feel bad for both of them.  

I do believe that Emily just wanted to make sure that Brad knew everything that he was in for, and if he was truly ready for all of that. While most girls only need to think about themselves and their feelings, Emily (as a mom) has to think about herself and her daughter and that’s a lot to be concerned about. As for Brad, I think it took a lot for him to open up and disclose those feelings to Emily and when she started questioning him, he may have felt like she may have some doubts towards him and his intentions and maybe she is not ready to fully let him in.  

Ring Time

As Brad thinks about his two choices, he discusses his intense feelings for Brad picks his ring on 'The Bachelor' Finale. Photo courtesy of ABCEmily, and how she makes him want to have a family and provide for her and her daughter. He also speaks freely about his emotional and fun connection to Chantal.  

Brad notes that although both women are so different, both of them make him so happy and that he has a big decision to make. As he looks at engagement rings with famous jeweler Neil Lane, Brad feels giddy and expresses his feelings about the girl that he has chosen to him.   

The Final Rose Ceremony

On the way to the rose ceremony, Brad notes that he has fallen in love and is so confident with his decision.  As the two girls are en route, Chantal arrives first dressed in black to meet Brad. Brad talks about their instant connection and that he and his family love her confidence.

Then Brad discloses to Chantal that he doesn’t know how to say it, but that he has stronger feelings for someone else. Chantal immediately starts to cry and tries not to look at him to gain her composure. Once she is fairly composed, Chantal painfully expresses to him that she thinks that he is an amazing person and that Emily is very lucky.  As they walk to the car, Chantal doesn’t seem to have much to say as she cries almost all of the way to the limo.  

As Emily approaches, Brad takes out the ring, looks at it carefully, and is super excited to tell her how he really feels and propose to her.  Emily expresses that although she is nervous, he is totally in love with Brad and thanks her ex for showing her what true love is and not to settle for anything less.  

Brad finally opens up to Emily- telling her he has loved her for quite Brad chooses Emily! Photo: ABCsome time and that he is ready to be her husband, best friend, and provider.  As he gets down on one knew and proposes, Emily bends down and kisses him and accepts his proposal.  

She notes that he has made her the most happiest person and they share some small but intimate kisses. Brad again notes that his commitment is “forever” to her, and Emily seems excited to know how he truly feels once and for all.  

Although I had heard through spoilers that he was going to choose Chantal, it was very hard for me to believe because of how smitten he has been with Emily since the start. I think (in Brad’s mind) it would be impossible to let her go. And even with the increased responsibilities of having an instant family with Emily, I think Brad’s love for Emily has enabled him to think along those family lines.  

Along with Emily’s life experiences comes with her a different kind of maturity than what Chantal has, which may have been more in line with Brad and his maturity at 38. Whatever the case may be, I do wish them the best of luck and hope they have what it takes the weather the storm after the show.  

Congrats to Emily and Brad!

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