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WMMR's Preston and Steve Morning Show took on Finnigan's Wake for St. Patrick's Day 2011


After further consideration, I have come to the realization that there are now three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and no matter what day St. Patrick’s Day falls on, you’ll have droves of customers no matter what time your local drinking establishment opens.

This was the case Thursday, when WMMR’s Morning Show with Preston and Steve took Finnigan’s Wake (3rd and Spring Garden) by storm. There was a line stretching a quarter of a mile around the building as eager drinkers and listeners of the show waited for the doors to open. The first person in line reportedly came to Finnigan’s sometime during the early morning three o’clock hour!

“The energy level is high,” said Finnigan’s owner Mike Driscoll.  “I think after this snowy,crazy winter, people are ready to get out there and celebrate. This is the place to be. It’s ground zero for St. Patrick’s Day, and we’re just thrilled that everyone is having a good time.” Tom O’Brien, who won a trip to Clearwater last year to see the Phillies in Spring Training during last year’s event. O’Brien was feeling rather festive on this day, so he sprayed his Jethro Tull-esque beard a bright St. Patricks green.

The colorful crowd was in the range of 600, and all kinds of characters highlighted the festivities.

One of them was Tom O’Brien, who won a trip to Clearwater last year to see the Phillies in Spring Training during last year’s event. O’Brien was feeling rather festive on this day, so he sprayed his Jethro Tull-esque beard a bright St. Patricks green.

“I had the beard but didn’t have the spray with me last year because I thought I was going out at night,” smiled O’Brien, who lives in Runnemede, NJ.  “I just got off the night shift, so this works out perfectly.”


Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn from Jackass  fame stopped by, as did Eagles Todd Herremans and Trevor Laws.

Over the span of four hours, Jess the intern was painted in the form of an Irish Flag and was lowered from the second floor to the ground level, there was an ill-fated attempt at a Potato Cannon (and Preston took revenge on a Charlie Sheen  cutout), The Morning Show gave away WaWa gift cards, Stone Temple Pilots and Queens of the Stone Age tickets, and WMMR prize bags for the winners of the contests that were held. A “Breakfast of Champions” contest  took place, as well as an Irish Potato Sack Race, and an Irish kissing contest that you truly had to see to believe (trust us on this one).

There was also a Shake Weight Contest, which was won by Russ Packer from Feasterville, PA.  

Packer won Flyers tickets for next weeks game, but his partner on the other end of the Shake Weight suffered for her victory in every sense of the word.

“I just learned that the girl drinking my milkshake is lactose intolerant, and her friend told me she went outside and got sick all over the place. I didn’t know. She was all about it (the contest).”

While Packer requests off every St. Patrick’s Day, others like Ashley Sharp of Willow Grove, PA, didn’t bat an eye at leaving work to attend the festivities.WMMR's Preston and Steve Morning Show take on Finnigan's Wake for St. Patrick's Day 2011

“I told my boss I was going to Finnigan’s Wake to go get hammered and he didn’t care,” said Sharp bluntly.

This was Sharp’s first time to Preston and Steve’s St. Patrick’s Day bash, and she was a little overwhelmed by the attendance.

“The fact that it’s so crowded and it’s not even 10am yet is a little scary,” she noted.

Sharp’s concerns were understandable. Last year, the event started packing people in by 9:00am. By 7:30am, this year’s group seemed to dwarf last year’s  by 7:30am- and last year was nuts!

“Crazy, overwhelming, packed,” were the words that Caseyboy from WMMR’s Morning Show used to describe the turnout.

All of the St. Patrick's Day Videos from Finnigan's Wake are available on Philly2Philly's YouTube Channel

Despite the sometimes overwhelming presence of partiers, everyone was in a joyous mood. With Preston and Steve events, people only “misbehave” when instructed by the crew, and everyone comes away with a good laugh.  

When asked about the possibilities of an even bigger crowd for 2012 after seeing the size of the crowd in his bar this year, Driscoll simply smiled and said “The sky’s the limit, my man.”

Special thanks to Eric Simon and Nick McIlwain for the year’s supply of Lucky Charms.

Many thanks to Sean “Bing” Crosby and Denise Clark, for taking pics in the awesome photo album. You can see even more photos on our Facebook page, but please “Like” us first!

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