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Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts' LED-Lit Cube Activated by the Kimmel Center


PIFA cube test lightAt about 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, there was a sizable gathering of people at the southwest corner of Broad and Spruce. Some had even started to gather at opposite street corners. The word had spread on Twitter and Facebook that the giant LED covered cube in front of the Kimmel Center would be lit for the first time that evening to promote PIFA, the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.

Philly2Philly.com’s Rachel Dukeman was there to check out the scene. First, Kimmel Center President and CEO Anne Ewers welcomed the crowd, City Representative Melanie Johnson showed her support on behalf of the Mayor’s Office, and PIFA Executive Director Ed Cambron helped lead the countdown until the Cube was activated.

When lit, the Cube brilliantly projected a witty self-introduction, “Hello. I am a cube…Thanks for turning me on. ;-)” The two-ton structure is made of 72 individual panels that use LED surface mounted diodes to display video and images across an 8-foot tall by 16-foot wide surface.

The Cube will act as both a promotional tool for PIFA in the upcoming weeks to the Festival, and as a landmark to commemorate the Festival. PIFA’s goal is to shed insight into Philadelphia’s arts community and market the city as a premier arts destination. The video will run all day – until 2am – featuring content promoting the artists and artistic companies involved in PIFA.

The Festival, which runs April 7 – May 1, is a multi-disciplinary, citywide arts and culture Festival themed to Paris around 100 years ago, involving everything from food and wine to circus arts. Comprised of more than 140 cultural organizations, over 135 events, 30 commissioned works, and 1500 artists over 25 days, PIFA will be one of the largest citywide festivals Philadelphia has seen in years. And all of it is made possible by an extraordinary grant from Philadelphia philanthropist Leonore Annenberg, whose vision shaped PIFA.

PIFA information can be found at www.pifa.org. For the most up-to-date info, follow the PIFA Twitter feed or like it on Facebook

Photos by Trevor Reynolds. 

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