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Over the Rhine will play tracks from 'The Long Surrender' at World Cafe Live Tuesday, March 29th


Over the Rhine, the performing name of husband-and-wife teamOver the Rhine will play tracks from 'The Long Surrender' at World Cafe Live Tuesday, March 29th of Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist, released their new record, The Long Surrender on February 8, 2011 on their own Great Speckled Dog label (named after their Great Dane, Elroy).

This is the first time the duo has released an album independently, relying on - as they state on their website - “generous listeners/co-conspirators/guardian angels” to fund the production.

The Long Surrender delivers a rich, full album experience, and sounds wonderful played from beginning to end, each song carrying the listener along their journey. The songs reflect some of their influences, which include the Beatles, Al Green, Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams. Bergquist’s lush vocals are reminiscent of Norah Jones on the limpid “Days Like This.”

“Undamned” evokes a classic country song, and features Lucinda Williams who provided the complimentary vocals. Some of the instrumentation in “Rave On” calls to mind Duncan Sheik’s newer material. The lyrics tackle some very personal material, on “Only God Can Save Us Now,” it was influenced by Bergquist care for her mother after a stroke.

As the record continues, the songs leave behind guitars for a blues-inspired piano in “Infamous Love Song.” The piano remains prominent in “All My Favorite People,” ready to be a new American standard. The last song of the album, “Unspoken,” is an elegant instrumental.

The name of the album is a phrase borrowed from “Rave On,” a poem by B.H. Fairchild.  They found other inspiration in Joe Henry, an artist they have admired, and the couple asked him to serve as producer. Greg Leisz, Keefus Ciancia, Patrick Warren, Levon Henry (Joe’s son) and David Piltch, and Jay Bellerose were the supporting musicians. and Niki Harris, Jean McCLain and James Gilstrap were the backing vocalists. It was recorded at The Garfield House, with Ryan Freeland handling the recording, mixing and mastering.

Over the Rhine will be performing at World Café Live - Philadelphia Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. with special guest Lucy Wainwright Roche. Click here to order tickets.

EP track listing

The Laugh of Recognition
Sharpest Blade
Rave on
Infamous Love Song
Only God Can Save Us Now
Oh Yeah By The Way
The King Knows How
There’s a Bluebird In My Heart
Days Like This
Al My Favorite People


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