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The Pottstown Brick House is a great dining experience from top to bottom


Dennis and Joe recently visited the Pottstown Brick House - an up and coming bar/restaurant in Montgomery County.
Dennis’ Take:Pottstown Brick House - an up and coming bar/restaurant in Montgomery County. Photo: http://www.pottsmerc.com/content/articles/2010/12/10/business/srv0000010247937.jpg
Yours truly has been to the Pottstown Brick House on many occasions and have never left disappointed or hungry.

The atmosphere is friendly, vibrant, and laid back. Anyone from Pottstown (like myself) was well aware of the old bank on High and Hanover and was sad to see it lying dormant for many years. Once I heard about a restaurant/bar moving in there, I was stoked and have been hooked ever since they opened.
During my lunch with Joe, I decided to try something new on the menu. Alas, the Bourbon Street Reuben and battered onion rings were calling my name.
This sandwich featured breaded chicken on a hoagie roll with hot sauce and cole slaw. All in all this the Bourbon Street Reuben was a homerun. The crunchie chicken combined with the slaw and sauce made for a delicious lunch. This battered onion rings were great as well.

Not only is the Brick House a great place to enjoy a meal with your family or grab a beer with your buddies, it’s affordable too. And, you get the most bang for your buck. Having been to Iron Hill Brewery, Fox and Hound, Kildares, and every other popular chain you can think of - Brick House can compete with any of the big boys in quality and better their prices. Pottstown Brick House

If you haven’t been there, then make the trip to High and Hanover in Pottstown pronto.

Joe’s Take:

Having worked in several restaurants in my day, I feel that ambiance is very important in regards to your dining experience, and Brick House is booming with it. Obviously, your primary reason for dining in a restaurant is because of the food, but ambiance is ranked 1A here.

Although the building is quite large because it was once a bank, you truly don’t know how spacious it is until you leave the waiting area, where you can play a very cool virtual golf game while waiting for a table on a busy night.

There’s that unique feeling of an intimate setting despite Brick House’s size. We were there in the afternoon, but with the combination of occassional entertainment and a bar with plenty of seats, I can only imagine how happening this place is at night.

I started off with the chili (highly recommended with jalapenos), which really hit the spot.  After much debate of having to choose between the recommended New Orleans Cheese Steak and the Grilled Chicken Wrap, I went with the latter. I didn’t think I could go wrong either way, and I was right. The wrap was great, the chicken was fresh, and the tortilla chips added a nice touch as well (don’t worry, you get two of them!). I’m not a Monterey jack cheese or sour cream fan, but it comes with it just so you know.

Brick House owner Dave Walsh  has done an incredible job of turning an old bank into one of Pottstown’s best and most respected restaurants. Dave is first and foremost a community guy, and makes sure everyone eating at Brick House enjoys their experience and comes back again. This is also reflected in the service, which is second to none. If Dave’s new restaurant has the same touch of class as Pottstown Brick House, the only question here is which place to go when I’m in the area!

Pottstown Brick House

152 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464
(610) 906-3527

Open Daily 11am-2am

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Building photo: http://www.pottsmerc.com/content/articles/2010/12/10/business/srv0000010247937.jpg

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