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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Episode 10 Recap: Brad Womack Confronts The Women He Didn't Choose


Episode 10, the reunion episode of "The Bachelor" starts out with Chris Harrison talking candidly with Brad Womack about his past romances with certain key women on brad womack bachelor womenthe show this season.  From Madison’s fangs and Shawntel’s morbid career to Michelle’s aggressiveness and “game,” they briefly discuss the women he let go. 

Yes, there have been some interesting characters on this show, but only one girl will end up winning Brad’s heart at the end. (There is afterall only one answer to the question: Who will Brad Womack choose?) But in the meantime, the women scorned are gathered together for the infamous reunion show. This where they discuss Brad’s choices and confront each other for comments made on camera (which were revealed during the show’s airing.)  I think some girls are in for a load of trouble, particularly the season villain, Michelle. 

After a brief look at a Bachelor and Bachelorette reunion with some past contestants and a look into some possible candidates for the Bachelor Pad 2, the girls are introduced and the fur starts flying!  Then Raichel and Melissa’s spat on the show is recapped and Michelle’s mean comments are revealed to all once more.  Jackie calls Michelle a creepy and scary “spider” and says that her two-faced nature is “f’ed up!”  Well, sweet Jackie is not holding back, But then again, most of the girls seemed to feel like she deserves it.  Ashley H. ends up sticking up for Michelle and tells about her good nature, while Madison points out Michelle’s honesty in saying that Michelle openly acknowledged that she didn’t go on the show to make friends.  Whatever attempts are made to defend Michelle, they don’t temper the claws and comments of the rest of the girls. 

Michelle is later called up to the hotseat with Chris Harrison and starts to break down at the girls’ comments.  Michelle discusses that she left her daughter back home to find love and tearfully opens up.  She describes how intense the show really is and notes that everyone said things on the show that were hurtful.  Chris Harrison notes that he found her commentary humorous, which is very true. She notes that she has some regrets about leaving her daughter to go on the show.  Stacey opens up and states that Michelle put herself first and not her daughter. Then Michelle really starts to break down.  Harrison steps in and ultimately silences Stacey while comforting the hysterical Michelle.  Then Jackie chimes in and basically calls her two faced again. 

Michelle expresses that she did take advantage of every opportunity to talk to Brad and get to know him.  Britt sticks up for Michelle and acknowledges her beauty and humor and how that caused a lot of intimidation with the other girls (and possibly some jealousy).  Michelle ends the conversation with a vote for the sweet Emily (Maynard) to end up with Brad; even though they are opposites in personality, which she feels is what Brad needs.  Although I agree with her on that, I do think that due to Michelle and Chantal's differences on the show, Michelle personally doesn’t want Chantal to end up with him. 

Then the catfights between Melissa and Raichel are recapped and discussed.  Melissa contends that she didn’t start any of the controversy. Raichel then fires back at Melissa stating that because of Melissa’s craziness, Brad sent her home and her chances at love were ruined.  Again, Jackie comes out of her shell and puts Raichel in her place for “acting the fool” which made Brad send her home and not Melissa.  While Melissa tries to apologize and make peace, Raichel refuses to do the same.  As a non-grudge holder and often peacemaker, I really can’t understand why Raichel just didn’t bury the hatchet with someone whom she will probably never see again, but that’s just me. 

Later, Ashley S. is called up to discuss her relationship with Brad from start to finish. It turns out that her past relationships which have mimicked the same pattern.  Then, Ashley H. comes up to talk to Chris Harrison (with her new brunette hair color) about her time on the show and her last date with Brad.  She tearfully discusses the questions she has regarding her exit as well as her revelations while watching the show about Brad’s intense feelings for her.  She noted that the whole experience has been eye opening for her, and she has some regrets about some of her actions and her defensive feelings.  However, she does note that she is primed for love, ready to date again, and feels like she is in a very good place!   

Lastly, Brad comes out to confront the angry and emotional mob of bachelorettes he left in the dust.  Brad comes on glowing and seems visibly enchanted by Ashley H.’s new hair color.  He opens up and says some very nice things about Michelle and defends her (kind of).  Ashley H. and Brad discuss their relationship with each other and hug it out in the end.  Then they show some footage about Brad’s and Chris Harrison’s visit to the Henna preschool in South Africa where they made a donation of hot water to the school.  Then Brad notes that although saying goodbye was difficult to the other girl at the end, he expresses that he is very much in love and the happiest that he has ever been with his final choice! 

So tune in next week as we see just who Brad Womack will choose. I think will be Chantal, although I do sort of wish it will be Emily.  We’ll see for sure next Monday!

Ex-Bachelor star and winner Helene Eksterowicz is also a co-writer of a dating/self help book called "Nobody’s Perfect" featured on Amazon.com  and Barnes and Noble  a few years ago. Drawing from her reality show dating experience, her background in psychology, and her belief in true love and relationships, Helene is setting out to bring some love back to Philly and help spotlight some eligible singles in order to hopefully find some love matches for others.

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