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Too bad Charlie Sheen can’t turn his own ‘Tin Cans’ into Gold


In a nutshell, Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Charlie Sheen photo: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/4589940.bin?size=620x400Option” Tour is pretty much tanking.

And for the people walking out of the theaters demanding their money back, give it a rest. What exactly did you expect anyway when you bought the ticket? Sheen to be funny?

You have to love the irony here. Sheen has permenantly damaged his already shoddy reputation with his actions over the last three months. He even went as far as to blast  ‘Two and a Half Men’ creator Chuck Lorre by saying that he has magically converted Lorre’s “tin cans into pure gold” in regards to the material written for Sheen on "Men."

 So Charlie, let me ask you this: Who is writing your material now? Because it seems to be "so funny" that people are walking out of your show booing you. Maybe Chaim (as Sheen called him) isn’t so bad after all. Seems like he had a big part in making you pretty darn funny on that show (but more on that in a minute), because you seem to be sinking pretty fast when someone other than a Hollywood writer is pumping you lines.

I’m not writing this article encouraging anyone to feel the same way I do about Sheen. However, I find to hard to believe anyone will go back watching him on TV after the way he has acted. Moreover, it’s hard for me to feel bad for anyone who had the charmed life Sheen had and then throws it all away. And as popular as all of his ‘slogans’ have become, he really is digging his own grave.

During his second show in New York Sunday night, Sheen switched things up: because he knew he had to or this could pretty much be it for him.

Maybe he stepped away from whatever tiger blood he was drinking to realize: Wait a minute. I got fired from the highest rated sitcom on TV. One in which I was getting paid more money for one single episode than most people will make in their lifetime. People aren’t digging this new show because without writers, I’m not that funny. I’m just that over-exposed sh*t talker whose real life persona was finally revealed to the whole world up close and personal.

Sheen seemed to pull out all the stops Sunday. Bringing out Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton on stage as well as former Met Darryl Strawberry during the show.

I never thought I’d say this in my entire life, but Charlie, maybe you could learn a thing or two from Strawberry if you want to consider turning your life around. Wow, that was deep.

And finally, Sheen attempted to make amends with Lorre by inviting him to the show. Sheen also said that he would apologize to his old bosses to get his job back, and that he would rejoin ‘Men’ if asked. Sheen also apologized to (former?) co-star Jon Cryer (who is getting screwed the most in all of this) for calling him a troll.  Yep, this looks more like someone who indeed wants his old job back as opposed to someone who is still 'winning.' 

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: Charlie Sheen is quickly learning that those tins cans really suck when they’re yours, and you can’t turn them into gold.

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