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Philly2Philly Vampire Diaries Recap: 'Know Thy Enemy' - Where Klaus Arrives In Mystic Falls


In last week’s episode of Vampire Diaries, "Know Thy Enemy" - Elena was forced to deal with some major mama drama.

With Isobel standing right in front of her, Jenna realized that Elena and all of the people closest to her had been lying about Isobel’s deathPhilly2Philly Vampire Diaries Recap: 'Know Thy Enemy' Where Klaus Arrives In Mystic Falls. and she chose to leave town. (And really, who could blame her?)

After Jenna left, Isobel claimed that while she had been researching Klaus in an effort to protect Elena, she learned of a rumor circulating around the supernatural world of a doppelganger’s existence and now Elena was in more danger then ever.

Sadly, Isobel wasn’t being completely honest. She was secretly working with Katherine and had made a deal with Klaus to keep Kat safe. If Katherine could deliver both the moonstone and the doppelganger, Klaus would let her go. (That’s my girl, always looking out for number one. Oh, Kat…please don’t ever change.)

In other news, Bonnie went to the Martins’ place to find a spell she needed to channel the power of her ancestors. Bonnie told Damon that Jonas had given her back her powers and Damon revealed that he knew the location of the witches’ burial ground. He took Bonnie & Jeremy there so Bonnie could perform the spell.

The spell was brutal but Bonnie managed to harness the power she needed from the spirits of the witches and she gave Jeremy a truly magical demonstration of the extent of her new abilities. Unfortunately, as Jeremy discovered, Bonnie’s new power came with a warning that if she uses too much of it at once, it could kill her.

Bonnie then told Jeremy that the spell to kill an Original will use all of her power but that it was a risk she was willing to take in order to protect the people she loves. As Stefan & Damon realized later in the episode, Bonnie has now become their secret weapon in the fight against Klaus. (That’s right folks: Bonnie Bennett is a badass.)

Poor Caroline spent the entire episode searching for Matt in an attempt to keep him from revealing her secret. Instead, Matt confronted Caroline’s mother about covering up his sister’s death. He then waited for Caroline at her house and begged her to use her compulsion on him so he could forget the truth he’d learned about vampires.

But unbeknownst to Caroline, it was all a trick. In reality, Matt had told Liz the truth about what Caroline is and Liz now believed the daughter she loves was no more. (Oh, Liz…if only you knew that there are such things as good vampires and that your daughter is one of them…)

Back on the who’s-scheming-who front, with help from Isobel, Katherine believed she had abducted Elena to present to Klaus but all was not what it seemed. In fact, Isobel had actually been compelled by Klaus to deliver Katherine to him and to let Elena go. Isobel had also been compelled to take her own life and did so right in front of the daughter she’d barely known.

But before her death, Isobel had kidnapped Alaric and delivered him to a witch who was working for Klaus. This witch performed a spell that allowed Klaus to posses Alaric. Yes kids, Klaus has now arrived in Mystic Falls and all hell is about to break loose.


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