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Philly2Philly Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: The Last Dance


In this week’s episode, the stage was set for a flash-back to simpler times thanks to a 1960sVampire Diaries photos from the CW/Warner Bros. inspired dance at the high school. (Haven’t the good folks of Mystic Falls learned that gathering in large groups just makes it easier for all kinds of mayhem to break out?)
As the episode opened, Klaus was still possessing Alaric and tormenting Katherine.

Under compulsion, Katherine revealed that the dagger was still with Elijah’s body at the Salvatore mansion and Klaus said he planned to resurrect Elijah but he wanted to meet the infamous doppelganger first (Which would be much easier to do now that he was in Alaric’s body.)
At the Salvatore mansion, Bonnie played witness for Elena as she signed the deed, thus turning it into a safe house since Elena is now the only one who can invite anyone in. After letting both Stefan and Damon back into the house, Elena decided to go to school with Bonnie, who swore she had channeled enough power from her ancestors to defeat Klaus if he should show up. Little did she know, Klaus was already in town.

Jumping over to the B plot, it was revealed that both Liz and Matt now know the truth about Stefan, Damon, and Tyler, as well as Caroline. At Liz’s request, Matt continued to pretend he was under Caroline’s compulsion.

After meeting Elena at the high school, Klaus compelled one of Alaric’s students into giving her a message alerting her of his presence and telling her that he would be at the dance later that night. Not knowing Klaus was posing as Alaric, the gang openly discussed their plan to use Bonnie’s enhanced powers to kill him. Klaus then decided he would kill Bonnie first by forcing her to use her powers in self-defense and he had his own witch cast a protection spell that would keep Alaric’s body alive until Bonnie had used up all of her powers.

Before the dance, Jeremy wanted to give Bonnie his protection ring but Bonnie told him it wouldn’t work on her because it was only meant to protect humans from the supernatural. (Thus, it would have no effect on a witch.) Damon overheard their conversation and realized Bonnie was willing to risk her life in order to protect Elena. Thanks to Jeremy, Stefan and Elena also learned the truth and while Damon was willing to let Bonnie die in defense of Elena, she and Stefan were not.

But before Elena had a chance to talk Bonnie out of her self-sacrifice (like Elena’s one to talk!) Klaus sent people to hurt Jeremy as a distraction so he could get Bonnie and Elena alone. The girls realized that Klaus had taken control of Alaric’s body and Bonnie sent Elena away so she could fight Klaus on her own.

But Bonnie wasn’t prepared to take on Klaus while he was in Alaric’s body so she and Damon concocted a plan, in secret, to make Klaus believe Bonnie had been killed by using too much of her power. The plan worked and Bonnie then went into hiding with Jeremy.

Once Elena learned that Bonnie was still alive, she forgave Bonnie and Damon for their deception but she decided she was unwilling to let Bonnie put herself at risk again. The episode concluded with Elena sneaking into the basement and removing the dagger from Elijah’s chest. I guess that means we’ll have two originals showing up in Mystic Falls very soon. Better hope everyone has filled out their wills because there is sure to be major bloodshed in the coming weeks.

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