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Philly2Philly.com's TMI: Celebrating 420 Wasn't Enough For A Facebook User


Definitely TMI!

Let’s take a moment to think about a few things:

1.  Facebook is part of the Internet.

2.  Things you post on the Internet are permanent (even if you delete it).

3.  Permanent things on the Internet can be seen by ANYONE (especially if I post it here).  

Okay with that in mind, here is this week’s TMI status update.

tmi 420 status update

Let’s break it down:

1.  I am not sure what the purpose of this update was -- to say they were bored? If so, the update should have stopped there. Try this, “I am bored.” The end.

2.  “Smoke a dutch?” Do you think using that phrase was a pathetic attempt to make their drug addiction not so obvious? As if they were thinking, “Well if I don’t use the real word, then no one will know what I am talking about.” ...nah, probably not.

3.  When they state “420 was not enough,” I disagree. Clearly, it was too much. Put down the drugs, walk away, and remove yourself from Facebook. It will be better for all of us.

4.  I wonder if they have a job. If so, I don’t think it will be for long.

5.  I also wonder if their mom is their Facebook friend...

There is a lesson to be learned here. You can feel free to post whatever you want, wherever you want. I mean, that is if you plan on being unemployed, enjoy revealing your personal issues, and don’t mind being caught for your unlawful actions. I mean really, it’s no big deal, it’s just your future.

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This column is brought to you by the ever-so-witty social media maven, adjunct professor, and President of Something Creative, Jen Cohen. Since the bulk of her days are spent behind a computer screen and perusing through social media content, she came up with this idea to amuse herself and figured she would amuse you, too. This is all in good fun and not meant to be offensive, so enjoy!

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