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Philly2Philly Vampire Diaries Episode Recap of "The Last Day"


Editors note. This is the 'Klaus" episode review. We apologize!!!!

In last week’s episode titled “Klaus,” we discovered the origin of the moonstone curse, as well as a surprising connection between Klaus and Elijah.Vampire Diaries Picture(s) from the CW/Warner Bros.
The episode opened with Elijah’s violent resurrection. He was hesitant to trust Elena (which makes sense since she was the one to kill him the second time around) but Elena gave him the dagger in a show of good faith. He then agreed to tell her the truth about his past with Klaus and Katherine.
Elijah revealed that he and Klaus are brothers (as if this show needed another screwed up family dynamic) and that their family was the Originals (aka the first vampires from which all vampires are descended.) Elijah then revealed that the sun and moon curse does not actually exist and that he and Klaus made it up as a way to get other vampires and werewolves to search for the doppelganger. (There is a real curse but it was only placed on Klaus and it still required the doppelganger to break it.)

The origin of Klaus’ curse went back to the discovery that Klaus was the result of an affair his mother had with a man from a different bloodline. Once Elijah’s father learned of the affair, he killed the man who fathered Klaus as well as that man’s entire family. As it turned out, that man was a werewolf and his murder was the initial cause of the vampire-werewolf feud.

Elena put two-and-two together and realized that Klaus is actually a vampire-werewolf hybrid, which makes him stronger than any other supernatural creature in existence. Afraid of his power, witches put the curse on Klaus to render his werewolf side dormant. However, because Klaus is technically still a hybrid, the only thing that can kill him is the power of a very strong witch. Elena told Klaus that she might know of a witch with that kind of power (It looks like poor Bonnie will be participating in this ritual, after all.)
Elijah also told Elena that he had once cared for Katherine enough to discover a way to protect her (namely, keep her alive) during the ritual but that Katherine had fled before Elijah was able to tell her this. Elijah told Elena that he could keep her safe during the ritual.

In the meantime, Klaus-Alaric was still holding Katherine hostage via compulsion. Believing Bonnie was now out of the way, Klaus-Alaric told Katherine that he had all of the necessary components to break the curse and that he would do it in Mystic Falls. (Apparently, the curse can only be broken in the birthplace of the doppelganger, aka Elena.)

After Klaus-Alaric left Katherine alone in Alaric’s apartment, Damon showed up and gave Katherine vervain so she would no longer be susceptible to Klaus’ compulsion. Damon spent most of the episode arguing with Stefan over how best to protect Elena and when he discovered that Elena had made a new deal with Elijah, he swore he would have no part in it. Furious that Stefan sided with Elena and Elijah, Damon looked to be returning to his old, impulsive ways.

At the Gilbert home, Klaus-Alaric confronted a newly-returned Jenna and Stefan was forced to use his supernatural abilities to protect her. Once Jenna was safe, Elena finally told her that vampires do indeed exist. (About time, I say!)

The episode ended with the arrival of Greta (aka the female Martin witch whom Klaus has working for him.) With help from another witch, Greta cast a spell that freed Klaus from Alaric’s body and returned him to his own. With the true Klaus now in Mystic Falls and with Damon poised to do something reckless, it can only be a matter of time before the two collide.

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