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Vampire Diaries returns as Philly2Philly recaps 'The House Guest'


In the previous episode (which seems so long ago!), Kat is back and she’s not alone!  The episode began The Vampire Diaries photo: Courtesy of http://www.tvovermind.com/cable/thecw/the-vampire-diaries/sneak-peek-vampire-diaries-season-2-episode-3/31372with Stefan & Elena back at the Salvatore house, preparing to go to school (Shocking, I know. How long has it been since Elena’s stepped foot on school grounds?)

Unfortunately, this was also the morning they learned that Katherine had been released from the tomb. Needless to say, they were not impressed. Katherine was left in Damon’s care (probably not the best idea), and between bouts of snarking at each other, they searched through the Gilbert journals for a reference to the witches’ burial ground. (As a source of great power, it may be the weapon they need for the ritual.)
At school, Stefan asked a still-powerless Bonnie to arrange a meeting with the Martins so they can discuss a possible truce (Doesn’t he realize that no one ever agrees to these proposed alliances of his?)

The meeting didn’t go well and Jonas declined the deal and decided to resurrect Elijah instead. He performed a spell that allowed Luka to travel to the Salvatore house, via astral projection, where Elijah’s body has been stored and told Luka to remove the dagger from Elijah’s corpse. Katherine walked in and saw an invisible force attempting to remove the dagger. In the ensuing struggle, Luka was killed and Jonas decided to seek revenge by going after Elena.

Earlier that night, Elena organized a girls’ night to help Jenna feel better over her break-up with Alaric. Jenna was still upset that Alaric wouldn’t tell her the truth about his wife’s death because she believes that everyone deserves the truth, which was sadly ironic given that all the other people in the room were also keeping secrets from her. Caroline suggested they all go to the Grill for a night of dancing and the others agreed. Wanting to prove her love to Matt, Caroline jumped up on stage with the band and sung a little tune for her man. Matt was moved by the gesture and the two reunited. Seeing Elena’s reaction to Caroline’s happiness, Bonnie decided to spill about her own blossoming feelings for Jeremy and Elena gave her blessing.

Unfortunately, the night of fun took a deadly turns when Jonas arrived looking for Elena. Realizing what Jonas was up to, Katherine came up with a plan to save Elena and rid them of the vengeful witch. But before Kat could put her plan into motion, Jonas attacked Matt and Caroline was forced to give him her blood in order to save his life. With the vampire secret out of the bag, their reunion looks to be short-lived. During all of the chaos at the Grill, Stefan managed to sneak Elena back to her house where Jonas was waiting. Kat, proving that she has perfected her Elena impersonation, got the drop on Jonas but he survived long enough to restore Bonnie’s powers and leave her with a little something extra: a way to kill Klaus.

With Jonas dead, everyone went home for the night so that only Jenna and Elena were around to greet Isobel upon her return to Mystic Falls. It’ll be interesting to see how Elena & Alaric explain Isobel’s presence to Jenna, since the ex-wife in question is supposed to be six-feet under. Will Jenna learn the truth at last? And will her reaction mirror Matt’s or will she be relieved to finally know what’s going on? Those questions will not be answered until the show returns tonight.


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