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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Sun Also Rises"


In last week’s episode, The Sun Also Rises, we said goodbye to several charactersVampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Sun Also Rises." Photos courtesy of the CW. as the time had finally come for Klaus to perform the ritual.
After resurrecting in the last episode, Jenna told Elena that Klaus had forced her to drink his blood prior to taking her life. But before Jenna or Elena could process any of that, Greta forced Jenna to drink her blood in order to complete Jenna’s transition into a vampire.

While the ritual was being prepared, Jeremy and Bonnie were still hiding out from Klaus and searching for anything that would keep Elena from turning into a vampire. They found mention of a resuscitation spell in one of Emily Bennett’s old grimoires and with John’s help, learned the exact details of said spell. They discovered that the spell would bind Elena’s life force to someone else in order to keep her soul in-tact and prevent her from becoming a vampire.

As Bonnie searched for where the ritual was taking place, Stefan and Elijah had a moment alone and Stefan asked Elijah if he would keep his word. Elijah told Stefan that Klaus had killed the rest of their family and hidden their bodies from him. Elijah swore to Stefan that he would kill his Klaus, if only to avenge his fallen family.

At the ritual site, Greta released the spell from the moonstone and Klaus killed Jules to start the ritual. However, they were interrupted when Stefan showed up to offer himself as a replacement for Jenna but Klaus incapacitated him, claiming to have other purposes for Stefan that required his continued survival.

With Stefan out of the picture, Jenna was the only vampire in sight. She tried to use her new strength to attack Greta but Klaus stepped in and killed Jenna before she could do much damage. Klaus then drained Elena’s blood, effectively ending her life and completing the ritual.

With the curse finally broken, Klaus began to feel his werewolf abilities return to him. Bonnie showed up just in time to attack Klaus during his transformation and while Bonnie worked her mojo, Damon killed Greta to eliminate any threat to Bonnie’s assault on Klaus.

Once Klaus was weakened by Bonnie’s magic, Elijah was meant to kill him but Klaus promised he would take Elijah to their family’s bodies if Elijah let him live. Elijah chose to betray our gang by escaping with Klaus before Bonnie could finish them both off. (Way to keep your word there, Elijah.)

Unaware of the mayhem going on around them, Matt and Caroline had a brief chance to talk. Caroline learned that Matt hadn’t been compelled like she thought and that he had been spying on Caroline for her mother, who also knew the truth about Caroline’s vampire status. Later, Tyler came out of his transition and Caroline helped him to safety.

Seeing Caroline in action, Matt realized that this was her life now and told her he understood but that he couldn’t live with all of the supernatural drama. The next morning, Caroline and Tyler made up and Caroline told Tyler that Matt broke up with her. Caroline then asked Tyler to stay in town and Tyler thanked Caroline for taking care of him.

Prior to Elena’s ‘death’, Bonnie used Emily’s spell to bind Elena to John. (John knew the spell would kill him but he was willing to sacrifice his life to preserve Elena’s humanity.) The spell worked and Elena’s life and soul were restored (as in, she remained human) but she lost both her aunt and biological father in the process. (Really show, does the poor girl have to lose everyone she loves?)

Once the smoke cleared, a private funeral was held for those that were lost. After the funeral, Damon told Stefan that Tyler had bitten him and Stefan promised to find a cure and save his brother’s life. Look’s like we’ll have to tune in next week for the season finale to see if Stefan can make good on his promise.

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