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Vampire Diaries' Season Finale Recap of "As I Lay Dying"


In this week’s episode, As I Lay Dying, we reached season’s end and saw the aftermath of the sacrifice ritual. Photo: CWIn this week’s episode, As I Lay Dying, we reached season’s end and saw the aftermath of the sacrifice ritual.
At the start of the episode, Damon went to Elena and asked for her forgiveness. (Remember, he force-fed Elena his blood two episodes earlier.) Elena (wisely) told him that she needed time.

Damon then returned to the Salvatore mansion, removed his ring, and attempted to end his life via direct sunlight. Stefan stopped him and locked Damon in the cellar to prevent Damon from committing suicide in fear of a long, painful death. (Like poor Rose, who died earlier in the season from a werewolf bite.)
Across town, Elena dragged Jeremy to a showing of Gone with the Wind in an effort to distract them both from their recent loses. Caroline joined them, still reeling from the news that her mother knows she is a vampire. Later, Stefan arrived and told Elena that Damon had been bitten.
At Stefan’s request, Bonnie performed a séance to contact her ancestors in search of a cure for Damon. During the séance, Emily Bennett possessed Bonnie and when Stefan asked for her help, Emily claimed she didn’t know of any cure. Stefan realized she was lying and Emily dropped the possession. Once Bonnie returned to her own body, she told Stefan that she had overheard the witches say a name: Klaus.

Stefan tracked down Katherine in search of Klaus, who arrived with Elijah in tow. Delivering on his promise in the last episode, Klaus reunited Elijah with their family; by killing him. After toying with Stefan for a while, Klaus bit Katherine and fed her his blood, thus revealing that Klaus’ blood was the cure Damon needed.

Klaus agreed to give Stefan the cure if Stefan would work for him and Klaus forced Stefan to drink a large amount of human blood in order to prove his willingness to follow Klaus’ orders. Klaus then gave Katherine his blood and told her to deliver it to Damon. Later that night, drunk on human blood, Stefan killed a girl and finally proved himself to Klaus.

While Stefan was bartering for Damon’s life, Carol Lockwood was back in action and wanted to know what was up with the vampire situation. Liz tried to cover but Carol threatened to replace Liz if she did not deliver some results. That threat drove Liz to the Salvatore mansion, where she inadvertently released Damon from the cellar and let him loose on the public.

Back at the screening, we learned that Jeremy was angry with Bonnie for leaving him behind when Jenna and Elena were in danger and he refused to be left behind again. Eventually, Jeremy found Damon but before they could get to safety, Liz discovered them and accidentally shot Jeremy in the process. Caroline was on-hand to give Jeremy her blood but it was not enough to restore his life. (Though, that act did convince Liz that maybe Caroline was still the daughter she knew and loved.) Thankfully, Bonnie had a plan.

Bonnie asked her ancestors for the power to perform a spell that would save Jeremy’s life but they warned her that there would be consequences. Bonnie went through with the spell anyway and Jeremy was resuscitated. Unfortunately, those consequences must have involved visions of the dead, as Jeremy began to see the apparitions of his former (vampire) flames, Vicki and Anna.

On his presumed death-bed, Damon asked for Elena’s forgiveness once more, which Elena delivered and sealed with a kiss. But Damon’s near-death experience turned out to be just that, as Katherine showed up in the nick of time with the cure and saved Damon’s life.

As the season ended, we had Stefan back on the blood and under Klaus’ thumb, Jeremy was now communing with the (un)dead, and Katherine was free to wreak havoc wherever she goes. Looks like next season will be packed with the supernatural chaos we’ve come to expect from this show!



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