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British Fashion Invasion From McQ by Alexander McQueen and Alice by Temperley


Dresses are like flowers, the warmer the temperatures the brighter and more beautiful the assortment. Wearing a dress is an intrinsic source of pleasure for women. They infuse life into our outfits and fill us with a sense of femininity that no other garment can offer. In my world dresses play a starting role. From work functions to evening events to a night on the town with the girls; they've become my absolute go-to item.

As soon as I hear the melodious ring of my alarm clock go off, it serves as my sartorial cue to reach for that perfect little number that will get me through the day. My closet is literally brimming with a variety of minis, maxis, florals and other fun prints with little or no pants in sight. Whether I'm feeling skinny or having "one of those days," I've got a dress for that! Why choose a dress over pants or a skirt?

Because dresses are like magic erasers. You don't like your legs? Wear a maxi. If you have flabby arms, find a dress with balloon-sleeves. You can show as much or as little cleavage as you like and there is better way to accentuate a tiny waist. Plus, you never know what life throws your way. As the day progresses and your spontaneity kicks in, celebrating an end of a work day in a dress means avoiding the dreaded trip home to change. If you plan strategically, you'll ensure that your work outfit will keep you stylish well into the night. So, here are some dresses that inspire me.

The British Are Coming:

ALICE by Temperley Annette Backless Jersey DressWe all love and admire the Temperley's and the Alexander McQueen's of the world, but the ability to afford their coveted designs has always been reserved for an elite few. With dress prices that start at $1,400, not many people have the ability of appreciating their craftsmanship first-hand. (Obsessing over pictures of Mila Kunis's red Alexander McQueen gown from the SAG Awards does not count).

McQ - Alexander McQueen Drape DressThe British are geniuses of sorts, they've set out to monetize on their already established brands by designing pieces that are more affordable, yet possess the poise and detail of their pricier counterparts. Operating under names like McQ by Alexander McQueen and Alice by Temperley, they've got me hooked. Then there's Matthew Williamson, who did something slightly different by launching a fabulous and inexpensive line for Macy's

Alice by Temperley and McQ by Alexander McQueen are both available in stores like Shopbop.comand Neiman Marcus where you can find items like Alice by Temperly Annette Backless Jersey Dress to the top left for $325 and the McQ by Alexander McQueen Drape dress to the right for $485. Matthew Willimason's line is simply delicious.

Every piece that I examined became an object of my desire. The dress to the left is his For Impulse, sleeveless, leopard print with ruffle dress and only costs $99. You can see that his fun patterns were inspired by his couture line but with prices ranging from $59-$99 you are going to want to own all of them. But enough about the work week. If you are a weekend warrior, this is your time to play around with fashion. Try to wear things that you've been dying to wear during the work week. Maxis are a comfy chic option for those long summer days.

You can check out the McQ line for the edgier looks and Alice by Temperley for the more bohemian, feminine styles. Save Matthew Williamsom for a special night out. His brightly colored garments are sure to catch the attention of anyone that crosses your patch. My final tip is to buy dresses that are transitional and versatile. If you cannot think of more than one way to wear a dress or to more than one occasion, you probably shouldn't buy it.

We live in the age of Facebook picture posting, which makes it virtually impossible to fly under the fashion radar. So my advice it "dress" the dress up using different accessories, wear your hair a different way each time and pair it with a blazer one time and a cute cardi another.

People not only pay attention to what you wear but how you wear it. So, the perfect way to always look like you are donning something new is to be creative. Life is not a TV show where you can go without repeating an outfit. Eventually it will happen, so be prepared and transform your dress each time by simply switching the shoes and the accessories.

Happy shopping ladies and I hope this inspires you to start wearing more dresses!

- Biana

Biana DeMarco has been a lifelong student of style.
Through careful observation, intuition, and the following of trends,
Biana has developed a "Passion for Fashion."  Often referred to as a
Fashionista, Biana graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with
a degree in English Literature and Fine Arts.
Her ability to string together words is matched only by her ability to
put together a great outfit.  The love and understanding that she has
for clothes and accessories will inspire you in her weekly articles as
THE Philly Fashionista.
You can find more of Biana’s articles at PhillyFashionistas.com


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