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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child, Seth MacFarlane To Bring Back 'The Flintstones', and Donald Trump Focusing on 'The Apprentice' And Not Running For President


Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Love Child

It was reported last week that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver would be splitting after 25 years of marriage.  What wasn’t reported was why this shocking split happened

We’ve finally been given some answers.  And, Schwarzenegger is to blame.

Apparently the actor-turned-governor took the unfortunate path that so many politicians seem to be taking.  He cheated--with the help.  And it wasn’t just a one-nighter or a torrid affair that lasted only a few months.  Nope, it was even heavier than that.

He fathered a child.

It’s being reported that Mildred "Patty" Baena (who was Schwarzeneggar's housekeeper for 20 years), conceived and gave birth to Schwarzenegger’s son shortly before the Governator began his 7-year term in office.  It’s also being reported that the woman was married, so it was assumed that her husband was the child’s father.

It all happened thirteen ago, but Schwarzenegger just decided to tell his wife of his affair and love child.

Now it doesn’t seem like such a surprise that they’ve split.

Tsk tsk Ahnold!!

Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Will Revamp The Flintstones

It’s looks like everyone’s favorite Stone Age family will soon be making a comeback, thanks to Seth MacFarlane.  

The Family Guy creator has just closed a deal to revamp The Flintstones for new film and television projects.
Yabba Dabba Do!!

For anyone who remembers, the classic cartoon ran on ABC from 1960 to 1966.  Since then, fans of the series have been treated to reruns, spin-offs, animated specials, and live-action movies.

It took a while for MacFarlane to get all the necessary details in order and for Flintstone shareholders to get past his hilariously raunchy humor, but now the project is a go.

There isn’t too much being said about what MacFarlane will do for the franchise.  We’ll just have to wait for 2013 to see what he has in store for Fred and the gang.

Donald Trump Will Not Run For President in 2012

Donald Trump has been spending a lot of time in the media spouting about his possible intentions to run for President in the upcoming election. While some thought he’d be a refreshing change, others thought he and his comb-over would be better off in the boardroom instead of in the Oval Office.

It looks like neither fans nor naysayers have to worry about seeing seeing Trump in ads, debates, and on ballots.  He has announced that he will not run.

In a recent announcement, the mogul still maintains his belief that he would win the general election if he were to run.  But, he just can’t turn his back on what he says is his greatest passion--business.

Right now Trump will stick to doing The Apprentice, which will make fans of the show very happy considering the speculation of the show’s demise if he had decided to actually go through with running for office.

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Photo of Macfralane and Flintstones from blogs.indiewire.com