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Vampire Diaries Actual Episode Recap of "The Last Day"


Disclaimer: P2P's recap was mistitled last week. THIS is the actual review of "The Last Day."  Sorry for any confusion.  Enjoy!

In last week’s episode, The Last Day , Klaus prepared for the ritual that would free him fromVampire Diaries Picture(s) from the CW/Warner Bros. his centuries-old curse while a familiar face returned to Mystic Falls.
As the episode opened, Elijah laid out the basics of the ritual: It can only be performed on the night of the full moon, which happened to be that very night. A witch would need to channel power from the full moon to release the spell contained in the moonstone.

Klaus would then sacrifice representations of his two sides: a werewolf and a vampire. To finalize the ritual, Klaus would need to drink the blood of the doppelganger, draining her dry and resulting in the doppelganger’s death.

To calm everyone’s fears, Elijah explained he had an elixir that would bring Elena back to life after the ritual. Unfortunately, Damon decided he wasn’t willing to take that risk with Elena’s life so he forcibly fed her his blood. He claimed he did it in case the elixir wouldn’t work but his actions rendered the elixir useless because Elena now had vampire blood in her system. (Meaning that if Elena were to die, she would start the transition into a vampire.) Elena and Stefan were both furious with Damon for that violation.

After all the chaos with Damon, Stefan took Elena someplace special in honor of (possibly) her last day as a human. He took her to a beautiful waterfall, hoping the climb to the top would give them enough time for Elena to open up about her feelings on her potential transformation. They tried to keep the mood light by sharing a few jokes and talked about the best and worst parts of being a vampire. Stefan admitted that he would want to spend forever with Elena if it was his choice but he knew it should’ve been hers and he was angry with Damon for taking that decision away from her. Elena eventually broke down and admitted that she never wanted to be a vampire.

Across town, Klaus had one of his witches stage an accident with Carol Lockwood so Tyler would return home. The plan worked and Klaus kidnapped both Tyler and Caroline to use in the ritual. During their alone-time, Tyler confessed to leaving town because he thought Caroline hated him but she told him she never could. Before they were able to discuss things further, they were interrupted by Damon who released the duo in an attempt to disrupt the ritual. But before the vampires got to safety, Tyler began to transform and accidentally bit Damon during their fight. (As we learned earlier this season via the ill-fated Rose, werewolf bites are extremely deadly to vampires.)

Unfortunately for Damon, all of his effort was for nothing as Klaus had a back-up plan. (The best villains always do, isn’t that right Katherine?) Klaus captured Jules (who had followed Tyler to Mystic Falls in order to keep an eye on him) to serve as his werewolf sacrifice. Klaus also had Greta (the Martin witch we met in the previous episode) take Elena to the site where the ritual would be performed and where Elena made a shocking discovery: A deceased Jenna, who then rose from the dead. Apparently, Klaus set things in motion for Jenna to transition into the vampire he needs for the ritual.

With Jenna now on the verge of turning and Elena walking around with vampire blood in her system, Mystic Falls may be getting some brand-new vampires in the very near future.

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