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Philly2Philly.com's TMI: A Facebook Status Update Involving Bodily Functions


Bodily Functions are ALWAYS TMI.

If there was ever a status update that violated the unwritten TMI rules we should consider before typing, this one takes the cake!

tmi facebook status bodily function

Let’s break it down:

1.  If a status update mentions the word “poop” and isn’t followed by “on my shoe” or preceded by “bird,” please know that it is ALWAYS inappropriate. There is no exception to this rule. None.

2.  The frequency of your bodily functions is again, inappropriate. I don’t care if you have the bladder of a seven year-old girl and use the facilities every five seconds; that is your business and it doesn’t belong on your Facebook page. It just doesn’t. SMH.

3.  Even further, please refrain from describing your bodily functions. This description lends itself to a disgusting visual that <vomit> no one wants to envision.

4.  Ahhhhh! “Just sayin?” Don’t just say. Please don’t just say because this is so gross. There is no reason to tell anyone this information, let alone your 500 Facebook friends. Ahhhhh!

5.  And someone likes this? I wonder what their status update is...

Let’s get this straight - posts about any human beings’ bodily functions are neither appreciated nor necessary, and they are NOT Facebook material. Please stick to posting about what you’re having for breakfast and what your plans are for the day, not what is coming out of your body and it’s disturbing consistency.

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This column is brought to you by the ever-so-witty social media maven, adjunct professor, and President of Something Creative, Jen Cohen. Since the bulk of her days are spent behind a computer screen and perusing through social media content, she came up with this idea to amuse herself and figured she would amuse you, too. This is all in good fun and not meant to be offensive, so enjoy!

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Wed May 29 2013
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