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Sun Protection in the Shower, Makeup For Your Feet and More From Philly Fashionistas


Here’s a thought, how would you like to have your work done for you? Well, your wish is my command. I’ve put myself up to the challenge of finding some of the most ingenious products with the ultimate must-have status. You may or may not be familiar with them but I assure you, they will instantly steal your heart. What’s even better is that their value is not in their price but in their pricelessness. Which will leave you wondering, how on earth you got by without them?

Cutting Glass

Depending on who you ask, unconcealed nipples or ones that “cut glass ” can be uber tacky or extremely sexy. But since side cleavage is a viable option for many women, there you have your dilemma. While on an impromptu shopping trip to JennK Boutique, I spotted the perfect little tank which called for pasties. With a plunging back, wearing a bra was out of the question, plus I really wanted to achieve a side cleavage look. (I know, it isn’t for everyone.)

I was familiar with the disposable flower pasties which in my opinion draw more unwanted attention than going braless, especially when exposed to a flash. So, I opted for a more subtle and practical solution – Top Hats. The packaging was super fun and their slogan, “more class, less flash,” sealed the deal for me. They really did the trick by giving my outfit the sophistication it needed. My only regret was not finding them sooner.

What’s ideal is that Top Hats are reusable, they create a seamless look and help achieve the perfect side cleavage, body permitting of course. Next time you purchase a shirt or a dress that is on a transparent side or has a plunging back, pick up a pair of Top Hats.  This $30 investment will go a long way since you can wear them dozens of times, they are washable, “ouchless” and hypoallergenic. There’s no easier way to go from red light to red carpet.

Sun Protection In The Shower

I’ve seen many new products enter the marketplace over the years but body wash with SPF was not one of them. Until now that is. A brilliant new company called Solise created a product that offers men and women alike a hassle-free way to stay protected from sun and this one’s a keeper. Regardless of whether it is sunny or gloomy outside, your skin will stay perfectly moisturized and burn-free thanks to Solise. And for all you mommies out there, you will never have to worry about missing a single spot on your child’s body. This company conveniently fuses a luxurious body wash with a full spectrum sunscreen. So, really you can skip the lotion all together.

The perks, of course, are that your skin will stay evenly covered and you can apply makeup on as usual. So working it into your routine should be easy as pie. Just think, you won’t ever have to anticipate going out into the sun because you will already be protected from it’s harmful rays. This body wash is also a great deal, so you can always stay stocked up for as little as $13.99 per tube. I ordered mine from Cosmopolitan Skin Care, but if you wish you order it online, use the promo code: 73483 at checkout to receive an additional discount. This is especially great if you are planning to buy it in bulk.

Makeup For Your Feet

Why do woman love makeup so much? I say that it is in having an endless selection of color. Color lifts our spirits, allows us to mix and match and brings out the artist in all of us as we get ready to face the world each day. The same concept works for TKEES, known as cosmetics for your feet.

They read my mind when they combined two of my favorite things, makeup and shoes. Once yTrove Tkees Foundation Leather Sandalou discover this simple yet chic footwear, putting summer outfits together will be a breeze. Open yourself up to the possibilities of having Liners, Foundations, Highlighters, Shadows, Lipsticks, Blushes, Glosses, Creams, and Polishes all made for your feet. Each category has a different color theme and texture, but the overall sultry look will match to any skin tone. Have I mentioned that they are amazingly comfy?

If you actually wTrove Tkees Liner Leather Sandalant to try a pair on before you buy them, our friends at InStyleSwimwear carry this brand. The kicker is that they are all under $60, so you can get multiple pairs. Their minimalistic design is so appealing that they will never compete with your outfit and the nudes/foundations come in a variety of hues so you are bound to find one that blends perfectly with your skin color. Celebrities are crazy about TKEES and I personally can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear mine.

I hope that this wasn’t a complete information overload, but I can honestly say that these 3 items are my absolute faves for the moment and were truly share worthy. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback, and happy novelty shopping ladies!

- Biana



Biana DeMarco has been a lifelong student of style.
Through careful observation, intuition, and the following of trends,
Biana has developed a "Passion for Fashion."  Often referred to as a
Fashionista, Biana graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with
a degree in English Literature and Fine Arts.
Her ability to string together words is matched only by her ability to
put together a great outfit.  The love and understanding that she has
for clothes and accessories will inspire you in her weekly articles as
THE Philly Fashionista.
You can find more of Biana’s articles at PhillyFashionistas.com


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