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Catwalk to Sidewalk from 'Your Colour Palette' - Don't Block the Box


In this special feature, we will discover and compare fashion and beauty products that will leave you with money to spare.The hardworking, multitasking woman’s working day is very extensive.  There is no such thing as an eight hour work day from Catwalk to Sidewalk.  If you factor in everything and everyone that is on your “to-do” list, your day is approximately 17 hours long from opening your eyes in the morning to closing your tired eyes at night.
You may be a stay-at-home mom, you may be a mompreneur, you may have a home office, or you may travel to a “nine-to-five” job via train, bus and car.  

Whatever it is that defines your day, the one certainty that you have is a tote bag full of delicious choices from Catwalk to Sidewalk.  I appreciate having these choices to get me through my day, especially my Monday through Friday commute to work.  
I understand the “hurry up and wait” stress that you try so hard to smile through each day.  (If you keep up with Lainiology, you know your smile is your best accessory.)  I, like you, listen to the morning traffic reports.  I pray to the traffic angels to guide me in choosing the right bridge to cross to get to work on time.  And then it happens, a traffic jam like no other because someone has chosen to block the box!  All I think to myself is “really…why be so careless…who would do that?”
When it comes to sun protection, be careful and thorough.  Choose to block the sun’s damaging rays and wear your sun day bestLavanila Lip Screen SPF 30 this summer with Lavanila’s Healthy SPF Collection.  Lavanila has you, your baby and your entire family covered from head to toe with UVA/UVB protection with its SPF 40 Face Cream ($28), Lip Screen SPF 30 ($16), SPF 30 Body Cream ($38) and, from its Baby Collection, the SPF 40 Baby Block ($20).
    - 100% natural and organic ingredients
    - Infused with green tea, organic shea butter and soothing cucumber   
    - Protects, soothes and hydrates
    - Non-whitening formula
    - Not tested on animals
You can check out all of Lavanila’s yummy line of products at Sephora.
On the Sidewalk, you can always trust your skin and your baby’s skin to Neutrogena’s Pure & Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 60 ($11 to Neutrogena’s Pure & Free Sunblock Lotion $14).
    - #1 Dermatologist recommended suncare
    - Superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with Purescreen™
    - Hypoallergenic, Oil-free & PABA-free
    - Fragrance-free, waterproof and sweatproof

With fashionable gratitude,
Laini Bianculli-The Style Maestro

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