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Jersey Shore's Snooki Crashes Car in Italy, Jeff Conaway's Death, and Jason Bateman Discusses Possible "Arrested Development" Movie


Jersey Shore’s Snooki Crashes Her Car In Italysnooki drunk

Awwww, Snooki, why can’t you get your act together? You’d think her drunken beach
arrest on last season’s Jersey Shore would have embarrassed her enough to want to stay on the right side of the law. But, no, no it didn’t.

Snooks is once again in trouble with police. This time in Italy. And not for disorderly
conduct, but for hitting a police car.

Ok, it’s not really as bad as it sounds. There wasn’t any alcohol involved in the accident and she wasn’t formally arrested, just taken into police custody.

Luckily no one was hurt in the crash. But, co-star Deena Cortese, who was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident, is said to have had to climb out of her window since the car was wedged between the police car and a highway security wall.

She’s not the only Jersey Shore star to make headlines since heading to Italy. It’s been said that Ronnie and Sammi are once again an item, which we all know is a train wreck waiting to happen, and that Ronnie and The Situation have had quite a fight. We’ll just have to wait until the next season airs to see how all the dysfunction unfolds.


'Grease' Star Jeff Conaway Dies At Age 60Jeff Conaway in 'Grease.'

It’s a sad time for Grease fans as they mourn the passing of Jeff Conaway.

The 60-year-old actor, known for his roles as Taxi’s Bobby Wheeler and Grease’s Kenickie, has gone through quite a rough patch over the last few years thanks to what seemed to be an unshakeable addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Conaway tried to get his life on track in 2008 by joining Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab.

Then last year fans learned he once again fell off the wagon when it was announced that he hurt himself while under the influence of methadone and Oxycontin.

The actor had even admitted that over the years he attempted suicide a whopping 21 times!

In May it was reported that Conaway was hospitalized for what was thought to be an overdose but was actually sepsis and pneumonia. Things took a turn for the worse when he fell into a coma and was later said to have no brain activity.

Sadly, he never woke up.


Jason Bateman Feels Confident an "Arrested Development" Movie Will Be MadeJason Bateman

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time that an Arrested Development movie is in the works. Nothing has been truly confirmed. Although nothing has been denied either.

But, during a recently interview with EW.com, Jason Bateman gave fans of the hilarious shows a shred of hope.

While he doesn’t necessarily have an update, he did say that he’s pretty sure that the show’s creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, is working on a script for the film and wants to begin shooting sometime this year. He hasn’t heard anything new on the subject, but he also hasn’t heard anything that would contradict it.

Hmmmmm…sounds like it might just be happening!!

While there isn’t anything concrete to give you about the movie right now, you can still get your Jason Bateman fix while you wait. This summer you can see the actor in two comedies, Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up.

It’s not an Arrested Development movie, but we’ll take it!

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