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Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 is a monster success


The Philadelphia leg of 2011 Wizard World’s Comic Con stopped through Philly this past weekend at the convention center. Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 was a monster success.  Photo: Joe Vallee Sr.An eclectic mix of thousands were coming in steadily for all three days of the event.. Some were even dressed in the form of their favorite comic,TV, or movie characters. Others, like yours truly, just plainclothesed it.

From movies, comics, toys, video gaming, games, TV, graphic novels, horror, wrestling, MMA, original art to collectibles, you name it, chances are Comic Con  has it.

There was plenty to offer to attendees, who could talk with their favorite comic book artists, purchase the newest Captain America  action figures from the upcoming movie, check out vintage comic books, or take a trip down memory lane at all forms of comic book and television memorabilia from years past.

Guests also had the opportunity to take a picture in Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine, the DeLorean from Back ot the Future, The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee, Roscoe P. Coltrane’s Police Cruiser, and Starsky’s Torino from Starksky and Hutch. The Torino was one of seven actual vehicles used in the 1970’s series and was restored by Steve and Mike at Exeter Collision in Scranton, PA.

Many pop culture icons adorned booths at the convention center, including “Shaft” himself, Richard Roundtree, Superman  alum Margot Kidder (who refused ALL interviews), Baywatch alum Gena Lee Nolin, Army of Darkness’  Bruce Campbell (who refused all photos), actresses Pam Grier and Vivica A. Fox, Chuck’s  Adam Baldwin, The Warriors’  David Harris, and fomer Phillie Jay Johnstone.  

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Also on hand were a couple of CBS Friday night alums:  Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, and The Dukes of Hazzard  and Smallville’s John Schneider.  Ferrigno was jokingly flinging rubber bands at Star Wars: Episode II  star Daniel Logan, while Schneider was granting interviews and hobnobbing with just about anyone within shouting distance. It was kind of surreal when Schneider and Ferrigno were conversing.

“All we need now is someone from Dallas,” joked Schneider (in regards to CBS’ classic late 70’s-early 80’s Friday night lineup of the Hulk, Dukes, and Dallas).



As approachable as Ferrigno and Schneider were, the same could not be said for Batman’s Adam West and Burt Ward (Robin), who secludedJulie Benz photo: Joe Vallee Sr. themselves from everyone and charged $60 and $50 respectively for an autographed photo. No pictures were allowed to be taken, either. Talk about trying to milk your 15 minutes of fame (More so for Ward than West. Although rumors were circulating that West was not too pleased that he shared space with the Batmobile.)

Even Mr. Colt 45 himself Billy Dee Williams charged $40, but not $50, and he’s the suavest man alive! Mr. Williams however, did offer to record a personalized voice message on your cell phone- for $100.

One of the biggest lines was for ‘Angel’ alum Julie Benz, who graciously posed for pics and wanted to make sure we were taking good ones (thanks Julie!)

Also on hand were the Philadelphia Ghostbusters, who were making their second appearance at Comic Con.

“This is very exciting for us, as this is our biggest show...and in our town!” says Ghostbuster Paul Poole. “ It's nice to talk to people, explain who we are and what events and charities we participate in. It also seems to work as a membership drive, as last year we met three people who would come to join our team later.”

Not surprisingly, Comic Con 2011 was a monster success and a good time was had by all. Philadelphia Comic Con 2012 will take place June 1-3. And if you missed the Philly leg this year, Chicago’s Comic Con is in August!  Just check out www.wizardworld.com

Awesome video shot by Nick Lanciano:


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Photos by Joe Vallee Sr. josephv985@aol.com


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