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Anthony Weiner's Lewd Photo on Twitter: An Ultimate TMI


This week on TMI, Jen breaks down the ultimate TMI gone wrong: Former Congressman Anthony Weiner's Lewd Photo on Twitter

By now, don't we all know the dangers of posting too much (or "too little" in this case) on social media sites? Don't we know how to properly post a status update (even though there is the accidental time when we are trying to search for someone and post it as a status update; you know it's happened to you) and send a tweet or direct message? Apparently not.

Not to beat a dead horse, but former Congressman Anthony Weiner really should have thought twice when he was sending an inappropriate direct message to a 26 year-old, and accidentally posted it as a public tweet. Honestly, this is just a sign of pure laziness.

anthony weiner lewd twitter photo


Now I do not agree with "cyber flirting" whatsoever, but I do believe in making sure that when you're doing something you aren't supposed to be doing, you do it correctly. I mean, it really isn't that hard to proofread something, ensure you're emailing the correct recipient, or in this case, not posting pornographic photos to the public. Really Wiener? Really?

The kicker is also that Weiner tried to deny his behavior by explaining that maybe his account was "hacked." Were your pants hacked too?

Lesson here kids - keep your phone out of your pants and your tweets squeaky clean, unless you want your "little" secrets out for all to see.

This column is brought to you by the ever-so-witty social media maven, adjunct professor, and President of Something Creative, Jen Cohen. Since the bulk of her days are spent behind a computer screen and perusing through social media content, she came up with this idea to amuse herself and figured she would amuse you, too. This is all in good fun and not meant to be offensive, so enjoy! 

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