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Manayunk Bike Race 2011: Will It Be a Repeat of Last Year's Philadelphia International Cycling Championship?


This year marks the 27th year of the Manayunk Bike Race also known as the Philadelphia International Cycling Championship. Last year the Manayunk Bike Race got a little crazy as there were reports of drunken debauchery throughout Manayunk and Roxborough.

manayunk bike race

This year extra police are on hand to reel in any rowdy folks. Over the years the event has become a haven for drunken goons and many local citizens are fed up with the direction the race has gone, which was a "family-friendly event" in it's early years. Local, state, and police officials have vowed to get the event back on track and crack down severely on the debauchery with a zero tolerance policy. In fact, there was a "night  bike court" set up on Friday night to handle any drunken louts this weekend.

The race started at 10:00 this morning at Logan Square and will wind down Kelly Drive and into parts of Manayunk and Roxborough for a 14.4-mile loop. Riders from 30 countries will complete the loop 10 times.

The 156-mile classic is beloved in the biking community as the longest running and most important single-day road race in the country. The course is famously known for the Manayunk Wall - a brutal half-mile uphill incline, which begins with a right turn off Main Street up Levering Street, a right onto Cresson Street and then a left up Lyceum Avenue.

For live coverage of the Manayunk Bike Race, check out radio1045.com or tune in 104.5 on your dial as they'll be broadcasting live from the race. Also, Mad River in Manayunk is throwing an all-day outdoor party and giving out free breakfast sandwhiches from 10-1 P.M. while supplies last. And, there are plenty of other parties today as bars look to capitalize on the Manayunk-Roxborough faithful.

And, if you want to stay on top of the Realtime Twitter feed of the Manayunk Bike Race 2011, check out this link here.

Remember if you are going to be drinking, be on your best behavior as local authorities will not allow a repeat of last year to occur.

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