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Juliette's Jewels - The Best Boutique and Jewlery Store in South Jersey From 'Your Colour Palette'


Forget the backyard barbecue and swim party on a sweltering late Sunday afternoon in July.  I would much rather be immersed in strawberries, champagne, jewelry and fashion.  Certainly sounds like the perfect way to end the weekend and start the week.juliette's jewels
Well, guess what?  I, along with many women and girls of all ages, celebrated the one-year anniversary of a charming accessories and clothing boutique located in Pitman, New Jersey.

Juliette’s Jewels hosted a premiere customer appreciation party celebrating its one year anniversary and being voted by the readers of the Courier Post Newspaper for “Best Boutique and Best Jewelry Store in South Jersey.”     

Joyce Amos Smith, the beautiful woman who owns this hidden treasure, always wanted to open an affordable chic clothing and accessory boutique with something for all ages.  With an emphasis on jewelry and a price range from $6.00 to $60.00, Juliette’s Jewels is a success that will keep you coming back for more.  This is the perfect spot from Catwalk to Sidewalk to receive a little retail therapy and add to your closet.

Anne Koplik Designs (as seen on Dancing with the Stars) and Jill Beads Jewelry are popular jewelry designers housed in this one-stop enticing shopping experience.

As Lainiology reminds you “Don’t stylecrastinate…accessorize now.”  You can positively do just that and more at Juliette’s Jewels.

Congratulations, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your second anniversary!

With fashionable gratitude,
Laini Bianculli - The Style Maestro


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