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Catwalk to Sidewalk from 'Your Colour Palette' - Remove Yourself


In this special feature, we will discover and compare fashion and beauty products that will leave you with money to spare.If you could write a letter to your younger self what would you write?  At this stage in your life, what sage advice would you give the younger version of you?  

 I entered a writing contest a few years ago and wrote a letter to “Little Laini.”  I didn’t win the contest nor did I receive a response regarding my entry, but that’s ok because I now know why I took the time to write the letter and enter the contest.  It was written so that when the time was right I could share the most vital part with all of my Colour Palettes.  
The CliffsNotes version reads like this:  “Believe in yourself; never give up; banish all fear and doubt; remain positive; and THE most crucial factor to your life, quickly remove yourself from negativity.”

Your personal compass a/k/a intuition will be your trusted advisor in preserving your inner sanctum.  It will let you know if and when to remove yourself from unhealthy situations and negativity so that you can positively move forward from Catwalk to Sidewalk.

To maintain your skin’s positive healthy glow and combat the negative effects any excess dirt and oil can leave behind, Lainiology reminds you to cleanse using the HEM (Hydrate-Exfoliate-Moisturize) method.  Always remove all of your makeup before bed time concentrating on your eye area which becomes more sensitive as we age.


Remove your eye makeup with, in my opinion, the best eye makeup remover on the market:


- Gently whisks away all types of eye makeup, even waterproof
- Conditions the skin leaving eyes feeling cool and refreshed, with no oily residue
- Ophthalmologist-test for safety
- Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers


A favorite Sidewalk comparison is L’OREAL CLEAN ARTISTE   $6.99L’OREAL CLEAN ARTISTE

- 100% oil free
- Removes eye make up instantly
- Cleans delicate eye area without leaving a greasy film
- Dermatologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers

Remove all doubt and never give up!

“There is an à la carte menu of product choices from Catwalk to Sidewalk…let me leave the tip.”

With fashionable gratitude,

Laini Bianculli – The Style Maestro

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