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1st Annual Women's Empowerment Summit Recap From 'Your Colour Palette'


It was the perfect Saturday morning and “great hair day” weather in July to drive into Manhattan to attend Alycia Kaback’s 1st Annual Women’s The Divine Order With Your Colour PaletteEmpowerment Summit.  I had been anticipating this event since covering Alycia’s exciting modeling workshop and photo shoot at Beauty 101 (who was a sponsor of the Summit) in Feasterville, PA in June.  I was confident that this day was going to be as special if not more.

I now get to reveal to you this inspirational feast that nourished my soul and enhanced my spirit.

I checked in to the Dream Hotel located at W. 55th (how apropos as I do not believe in coincidence.)  With my iced coffee in one hand, I hailed my air-conditioned taxi with the other.  I was headed to Bennett Media Studios in the West Village.  It was still early so the traffic was light while I was taking in all the sights.  “Be still my heart,” a few blocks before the Studio was one of my favorite boutiques, DIANEvonFURSTENBERG (I knew where I was  shopping for the quintessential wrap dress after the Summit!)

I arrived to receive my press pass, looked around the room full of beautiful smiling women from varied backgrounds (there were even a few men in attendance), took my seat, got out my pen and paper and looked up to see and feel the warmth from the sun’s rays peeking through the windows.  I was then handed the Summit Timeline with the list of guest speakers and as I glanced down at the list, I thought, “Wow, this is more than fantastic.”  And it was.

The lovely radio personality, Valerie Smaldone, was our master of ceremonies and with her distinct voice, Valerie was the perfect choice to call upon this all-star lineup of women.  

The stunning Vivica A. Fox was our special guest speaker who so eloquently expressed to everyone to “always believe in you and never look back…keep moving forward reaching for your goals.”

One by one, these courageous and remarkable women stepped up and took the stage with their individual style, unique character and fabulous shoes.  Each woman spoke unscripted powerful words of encouragement and wisdom straight from the heart stirring key ingredients and significant quotes into this delicious “homemade live-your-dreams recipe of inspiration.”  They shared their moving and sometimes personal heartfelt Back Story about their success and disappointments along their Catwalk to Sidewalk journey of life.  All eyes and ears were on their platform while they were speaking that you could have heard a feather hair extension drop inside the studio.

I thought it significant to share with you the following vignettes from each speaker in the hope that one or all will motivate the essence of YOU:The Divine Order With Your Colour Palette

Chelsea Krost, Media personality, Founder/Host of Teen Talk Live, author, motivational speaker and our youngest entrepreneurial spirit - “A dream comes from the heart.”

Pat Addis, Theatre Producer and seasoned speaker - “It is never too late to change…the ball is in your court.”

Fran Kirmser, Producer for dance and theater - “Challenges are delicious…find time for your passion.”

Sibrena Stowe, LaChic Media - “Every no gets you closer to your yes.”

Judith King, Partner, Morris & King, Public Relations Expert - “Always be yourself and never be afraid…and most important make it fun.”

Gala Darling, Entrepreneur, Internet Personality and Author - “Have faith in yourself and practice radical self-love.”

Vikki Ziegler, Esquire and Media Personality – “Know your worth and do something that someone else doesn’t believe you can do.”

Abiola Abrams, Media Personality - “I am obsessed with the power of love.”  “Be fearless….how we do anything is how we do everything.”

Lubna Dajani, Co-Founder and CEO of Stratemerge, Inc. - “Be honest with who you are….step out of your own way and never be afraid.”

Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Digital Marketing and Social Media Expert - “Do not give up on your
dreams!”  “Believe in the ancient Chinese legend of the Red Thread.”  

Laura Fredricks, Motivational Speaker, Fundraiser, Author – “Plan, organize and structure your need.”  “Ask early and often for what you want.”  “Ask is the win!”

Judith Glaser, Motivational Speaker and Author – “Reclaim your purpose….we are here to do we.”

Abby Ellin, Journalist – “If you are not sure what or where to go, just stand still.”

The entire day unfolded in divine order with every galvanized quote, insight and advice resonating to the core of the soul reminding us that we can aspire to be all we desire to be.  Together we are a force that can spiritually feed more than a village.  And just like the ancient Chinese legend of the Red Thread explains: “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”

I write to inspire everyday, hardworking, multitasking women of all ages to live their dreams through all that is fashion and beauty.  Get styled and inspired….let me stir your closet and your soul.

With fashionable gratitude,

Laini Bianculli – The Style Maestro

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