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Charlie Sheen Roast Vs. Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake Invests In Myspace, and Daniel Radcliffe Overcomes Drinking Problem


Charlie Sheen Roast Will Compete With Ashton Kutcher's Debut on 'Two and a Half Men'

Ok.  Seriously.  You’re probably uber tired of hearing Charlie Sheen’s name.  But, this is a good one.charlie sheen drunk

It seems that the king of crazy is soon going to get a taste of his own medicine.  

That doesn’t mean that he’s going to be forced to down more Tiger Blood or have to listen to his own Torpedo of Truth rants.

Sheen’s getting roasted!

The ‘Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen’ is set to air on September 19th.

Does that date sound familiar?  It should, because it’s also the same night that Ashton Kutcher will make his ‘Two and a Half Men’ premiere.

Anyone who was lucky enough to catch Jeffrey Ross’ mini roast of Sheen during one of his unfortunate tour dates has already gotten a taste of what the actor has in store.  But, can they really come up with stuff about Sheen that hasn’t already been said?

You’ll just have to watch it to find out.

Justin Timberlake Has Partial Ownership in Myspace

We all know that Justin Timberlake was able to bring sexy back.  But, can he do the same for MySpace?

He sure can try.

It’s being reported that the singer/actor/comedian has gotten together with Johnny Wright, his longtime manager, to come up with a plan that will give the struggling social networking site a little CPR.

Last week it was learned that Timberlake has a minority stake in the site and wants to work with Specific Media, the site’s new owners, to make the site as popular as it once was before Facebook became head honcho.

Right now everything’s still in the planning stage and nothing concrete has been decided.

However, rumor has it that the duo may be looking at setting up some kind of talent competition.

They better get crackin’ and get something together soon, because a press conference is scheduled for August 17.

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe’s Drinking Problem

Is Harry Potter a lush?  Well, maybe not the wizard, but the actor who plays him is.  Or was.

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he was a drunkety drunk, but has been sober for about a year.

The actor has explained that his battle with alcohol started in 2009 while filming ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.’  He liked the idea of living the type of lifestyle that other famous people do and began to rely on alcohol in order to have a good time.

Unlike some other famous Hollywood types, ahem Lindsay Lohan, Radcliffe realized he had a problem and managed to do something about it.

How?  By staying home and not allowing himself to be a part of situations that could possibly draw him back in.  He even skipped the premiere of his latest film so he wouldn’t be tempted by alcohol.

It’s kinda nice to see a young actor being so smart about his career and his future.  Now, if he can just stay that way…

Photo of Charlie Sheen from tvsomniac.com

Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites.  She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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