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Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I Survived Maria" T-Shirt, The Amazing Spiderman Filming Ends, and Gavin Degraw Recovering After Attack


Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I Survived Maria" T-Shirt

Arnold Schwarzenegger must really love negative publicity.  First we find out he had a secret love child with a former employee.  Now he’s taking his arnold schwarzenegger i survived maria shirtsupreme douchebaggery to a new level by stepping out in public wearing a T-shirt reading “It’s Time.  I Survived Maria.”

Um, really Arnold??

Ok, so it was discovered that the shirt was originally made as a joke for the Governator and given to him as a gift during his farewell party after his term as California’s governor ended.

But, the original read “I Survived Maria, 2007-2010.”

Stupid, stupid Arnold decided to use the shirt to take aim at his soon-to-be ex wife by changing the dates to “1977-2010.”

Real classy, Arnold.  Real classy.

The Amazing Spider Man...Still a Year From Release

The latest in the Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man, is nowhere near its release date.

Yes, the filming has finally ended.  But, you can expect that there will be months of editing and all the postproduction stuff that goes with making a movie before we see it hitting the big screen on July 3, 2012.

It looks like the film still being a year away from opening in theaters isn’t deterring studio execs from looking ahead to the future.

That’s right, the next movie in the franchise is already in the works, which is surely good news for Andrew Garfield!

There isn’t too much known about the film just yet.  There’s no word on what the movie will be about or who the next villains will be.

The only thing that has been offered up is that the film has the tentative (and not very creative) title of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s planned to have a May 2, 2014 release.  Oh, and Garfield will be back in the Spidey suit.

Gavin Degraw Attacked in New York City

Gavin DeGraw, the singer best known for “Chariot” and “I Don’t Want to Be,” has made a bit of a comeback lately.  Being on tour with Maroon 5 and Train has certainly gotten him back into the game.

But, it looks like he may be benched for a while thanks to a recent unfortunate event.

Apparently, after a fun night of partying it up in NYC, the singer was attacked by a group of thugs.  And, if that isn’t bad enough, just minutes after the attack DeGraw was hit by a cab!

It was apparently not his night!

DeGraw is currently at Bellevue Hospital recovering from a concussion, a broken nose, cuts, bruises, and a black eye.

Although he’s in stable condition, there’s no word about how the attack and his injuries will affect his upcoming concert dates.

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Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger from thedailymail.co.uk