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Surflight Theatre's Odd Couple and Carmen’s Restaurant- a Beach Haven Night on the Town


As part of our “dinner and a show” adventure we found ourselves at Carmen’s Restaurant on North Bay Ave. Beach Haven, NJ.

odd couple
The beach casual atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a large dinning room area where servers are friendly and quick to dole out your dinner. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, we enjoyed a vast variety of cuisine. From individual appetizers including hummus,  bruschetta  and guacamole to table size appetizers featuring calamari and seafood. Five fresh made salads and homemade soups. Dinner Entrees range from several types of seafood, Chicken, nice steaks selections and pasta dishes.

I enjoyed a Mediterranean Chopped Salad - romaine lettuce, feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomato, red onion served with dill dressing followed by a generous  dinner portion of a delicately roasted boneless pork, covered in a diced tomato blush sauce with kalamata olives and topped with capers with mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe. For dessert I was treated to a mini chocolate mousse along with mini raspberry stuffed crepes. Dinner prices range from $20 to $30 range.

Visit Carmen’s at 122 North Bay Ave, Beach Haven NJ for more information visit www.carmenslbi.com phone 609.848.9650cindy williams odd couple

Surflight's "The Odd Couple"

A few blocks down toward the ocean sits Beach Haven’s Surflight Theatre and their production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple.

Unger and Madison are at it again! This time it’s Florence Unger and Olive Madison in Neil Simon's contemporary comic classic: the female version ofThe Odd Couple. On the 20th anniversary of the show, Simon decided to revisit the characters, but with a gender reversal.

“Maning” the female show are film and stage stars Cindy Williams (Shirley from Lavern & Shirley) as Olive Madison and the bombastic JoAnne Worley ( Laugh-In) as Florence Unger. Rounding out the female cast are June Gable, Sandy Rosenberg, Lynn Marie Stewart and Megan Thomas. Instead of the poker party that begins the original version Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit.

The tongue in cheek, unprompted comedy we enjoyed with the male version of this highly successful sitcom too often falls between the cracks in the Surflight’s production.  Both Williams and Worley, veteran laugh makers do a noble job at making the story line work. Williams, who is really more uptight than sloppy and Worley is as neurotic as funny in most scenes, though she milks a few good belly laughs with her silly antics. The girlfriends’ characters never grab much attention and are underdeveloped aside from some well delivered lines and acting by cop lady, Sandy Rosenberg.

The best comedy comes in the second act when the two girls invite the Costazuela brothers who live in their building to dinner. Ruben Ortiz (Jesus Costazuela) and Jonathan Wiener (Manolo Costazuela) bring much needed humor to the rescue of the two mismatched roommates. The dialogue between the English struggling Spaniards and Flo and Olive are the highlight of the story.

The Odd Couple runs through August 21st at the Surflight Theater, Beach Haven

For tickets and information: www.surflight.org or call 609.492.9477

Photos Credits:www.surflight.org and www.carmenslib.com

Pati Buehler
PB Entertainment, President

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